Thursday, January 24, 2013


Even though I don't always get the invitations out in time I still like to make them. Sometimes I have to hand deliver them so that people get them in time, or notify them of the party and then give them the actual invitation the day of. Yes I am always a day late and a dollar short..story of my life lol. 

I searched for ideas for Chloe's birthday invitations and as soon as I came across THIS set
I completely fell in love.  So I decided to make my own version.  

I found a Minnie Mouse head picture online and saved it to my computer.  Then I printed them out, on white cardstock,  in the size I wanted and hand cut all of them out. 
I got the red polka dot paper at Hobby Lobby and I had the ribbon on hand.  
I printed the party information on regular white printer paper.

To assemble I cut all the polka dot and black paper to the size I wanted.  Then I hand cut all of the Minnie Mouse heads out.  I then printed out the party information and cut those down to size.  I printed the info 3 to a sheet of paper and printed the paper in landscape so they would all fit.  I didn't measure exact with those, I more eyeballed it when I cut and it worked just fine for me.  (I hate to measure lol.)

Then I stapled the top black ribbon to the red polka dot paper.  Then I glued on the party information sheet and then stapled on the bottom black ribbon.  After that then I glued the polka dot paper to the black paper.  The final step was adding the Minnie Mouse head.  I used pop dots to add a little dimension to it.  

It was a bit time consuming since I hand cut all the Minnie heads, and I had to make 30 of them.  But I love how they turned out.  If I had a silhouette still I might have done the same similar look with the scalloped black, but there was no way I could have hand cut all those too.  I am happy with the straight lines just as much.  

I always design my kiddos invites and lately it has been a designed invite that I just print out as 4x6 or 5x7 photos from Costco and send out.  It was fun to get a little craftier this time though.
Now since little Jacob's 8th birthday is on February 16th, I need to get started planning that party ASAP.  He wants his to be in Mario and Luigi, Mario Kart theme.  I am loving the bright colors with that theme too, and coming up with lots of ideas.  


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