Random Ramblings: { PROJECT LIFE 2013} week 1 -2

Friday, January 25, 2013

{ PROJECT LIFE 2013} week 1 -2


Today started some major cleaning out in this house.  I was so overwhelmed with where to start cleaning up after Christmas that I started in one spot and didn't stop.  This was a huge clean up project in the little kids room.  I rearranged the furniture, moved in a big bookcase, moved the dresser into the closet and went through all the toy boxes.  I even hung a new curtain rod in there since the other one was broken.  It looks so much better in there now.  I only hope it can stay this way as well.  

This was another part of my winter/declutter the house cleaning extravaganza.  Since I had moved the large bookcase we had in here into the little ones room, it now left our closet in a horrific mess.  I took the small bookcase from their room to store our coupon stockpile and help get it all organized.  It took all day in our closet too, but so worth it in the end.
I love being organized, it feels so good.  

Since we went to Disneyland the days right after Christmas and we are planning Chloe's 3rd birthday party in Minnie Mouse, we have been all about Mickey and Minnie lately.  So the kids thought it was real fun when I made them Mickey Mouse head pancakes this morning for breakfast.  

This is Jacob's new KTM.  It all started when his first KTM... The guy he bought it from wanted it back, so Jacob sold it back to him, bought a YZF and didn't like it becuase it just wasn't what he wanted.  We stopped at Chapparral the night we picked it up and he applied to get a new bike.  We went back on Saturday to actually pick up this new one.  He used the new one he had just bought as a trade in for this one.  He had the hugest smile on his face.. like a kid on Christmas morning.  

We went riding today over at Jamie and Casey's house.  After a long day of riding, we bbq'd and sat around the fire for a while.  Jamie made the kids smores too.  It was a fun day.  

Caleb decided he was scared for some reason tonight.  I heard the boys chit chatting after I put them to bed.  After a while I went in there to check on them, and this is how I found them.  Asleep together in Caleb's little bed.  I LOVE when they do things like this.  They may fight most of the time when they are awake, but they do truely love each other.  

Caleb came home from school today with this Student Of the Month award.  He was named Student of the Month for December.  They don't do assemblies anymore for this kind of thing, they just send it home.
He was happy and excited for the baggy of goodies he got along with it.
We are so proud our little Caleb.  He loves school so much.  

Chloe's first time getting her hair curled with the curling iron.  She was excited and sat very still to let me curl it.  

This morning we made our own version of McDonalds sausage bisquits. I made the bisquits, grilled the preformed sausage patties and hashbrowns.  Then I put them all together with a slice of cheese and they were done.  I popped them in the oven for a minute or two to melt the cheese and that was it.  I then wrapped the left overs up and stuck them in the fridge so Jacob and the kids could eat them the rest of the week for breakfast.  

Jacob reading as part of his homework works great for bed time.  He loves to read Caleb and Chloe bed time books each night.  I love watching them all together as he reads.  

Working on party decorations for Chloe's Minnie Mouse birthday party.  I wanted red Minnie Mouse decorations, not the pink you find everywhere, so I had to make most of the decorations myself.  Which is fine, since I love doing stuff like that. 

Chloe playing with her doll house she got for Christmas.  She loves playing with it and always wants me and her brothers to play with her too.  I love watching her grow up and use her imagination and play with all the girly toys we have never had around this house before. 

Jacob has gotten on and ridden his new bike so much more than the old bike.  We have been out riding every one of his days off since he got it. I am so glad he is putting it to good use.  He enjoys it and it makes me happy to see him on it.  

Finally getting a chance to get my coupons organized again. It has been since before Thanksgiving that I even cut any of my coupons.  So it was great to get them all cut and organized again.  I am ready to start saving money in 2013 just like I did last year.  

Are you doing project life this year?  I would love to see your pictures too.
Give me the link to your photos in the comments.
Happy Project Life 2013!
Now I just need to get my new binder and then get my photos printed and into the binder. Maybe this year I can stay on top of that and taking the pictures too.  :-)


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