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Monday, January 21, 2013


My little miss Chloe turned 3 on Saturday.  So everything has been full swing party preparing.
I knew when I started planning her party that I wanted it to be Minnie Mouse themed, and I didn't want it in pink, I wanted it in red.  Well of course since I guess I just like to be difficult I had to make most of her decorations since all the stuff to buy is all themed Minnie Mouse in pinks.
So I made her invitations , and all of her decorations.  

I have always loved tissue paper flowers.  I think they draw alot of impact for a pretty simple idea.
I found some clearnace red and white polka dot tissue paper at Hobby Lobby after Christmas, but I didn't like those tissue paper flowers as well.  The paper was a bit thicker than normal tissue paper and they did not fluff together as much as I wanted them too.  They still were ok, but not my favorite.  

I thought I would share with you how simple they really are.  

Here is what I suggest when starting out.  If you use too few sheets of tissue paper, you won't get a good full flower, but if you use too many, it gets too smooshed looking.  So with the normal tissue paper I say about 8 sheets was really good.  
Next you need decide on the size.  If you want a large flower leave it as is. If you want them smaller, trim off from one side of the stack.  I find it easier to trim after I fold it.  
Now take them and lay them all one on top of each other (most likely will already be this way when you buy it).
Now fold it according style.  

Just go back and forth until the entire stack is folded this way.  About an inch is a good sized fold. 

Now tie it together right in the middle. You can make your string longer, and use that to hang it with as well.  I had planned to use fishing line to hang it, so I made my strings a bit shorter. 

Now you can either round the ends, or leave them just as they are.  It just gives a bit different look in the end when you fluff it.  

After you tie it and round the corners if you choose, you start seperating the layers of tissue paper.  You just carefully pull them apart, without ripping the individual layers.  It pretty much fluffs itself once you do this.
On these red ones, I did not round the edges of the tissue paper.  
They are really that easy. 
I like to do them in different sizes for alot of impact when hung together.  

Imagine the possibilities with all the colors of tissue paper out there.  I saw on pinterest that a lady made a very small one and used it to decorate the top of a present. I thought that was such a great idea.  I might have to try that with the next wrapped gift I give.  

Today is a NO SCHOOL day since it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  So the kiddos are watching some cartoons, and I think we are going to go by later today to help my in laws move another load or two to their new house.
Enjoy your day off too!


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