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Saturday, February 23, 2013


I truly do not understand how this always happens.  I swear the more I try to be organized and on top of things, the less they actually are.  Does this happen to anyone else?
I got my files all organized at the beginning of the year, have I filed since, nope not once.  They are in a huge "to file" pile, but not filed. I got all my project life stuff organized and the pages into my album, have I done anything with it yet, nope not  yet.  See where I am going with this...  Even the recently organized tupperware cabinet is in quite a disarray.  Eye yi yi.

So this is rambling is what brings me to today's "late" post.  I was even late getting these done for my boys.  I was scrambling to finish these guys the morning of Valentine's Day before they left for school.

I found a similar idea on pinterest, and as soon as I saw them I knew I had to make these for the boys class valentine's.

Here is the process

I cut my paper into 3 inch by 9 inch strips of grey cardstock.

Fold in half .  Make sure to get a good fold.  I used a bone folder to make sure my fold was nice and crisp. 

Then I used my corner rounder to round all the corners.
It is starting to look like an old flip phone already. 

Next I cut 2 - 2.5 squares for each phone from white cardstock. 

One of the squares got the message written on.  I left enough room so that my son can write the name of the person getting this card.
I also drew the little iphone button on the front, just for fun. 

The next white square card got another message written on it and glued to the inside of the card. 

Then I taped a pixie stick to the back to look like the antenna of the phone.  

And that is it. Super easy and cute cell phone valentine's for the entire class. 

The original one that I saw had button candy on the inside to look like the buttons on a phone, but I couldn't find those anywhere so I just left that part out and  I still think they came out cute.  The boys loved them and were excited to hand them out to their classmates. 

I would love to see your homemade Valentine's too.  


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