Random Ramblings: { BUNNY TREAT BAGS }

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We always go to my moms for at least lunch on Easter.  This year though, we are going to church first thing in the morning with them and then we are coming back to our house for some lunch.
So after my mom and I decided this, I knew I wanted to make some fun little Eastery things for the table.  So I thought these would be a fun little way to add some Eastery decorations, while at the same time making them the place cards.  There is only going to be a few of us, but it is still fun to do little things like this.

So I went immediately to my Silhouette Cameo for an idea.
I found this cute little bunny box/bag thing.  I figured I was originally going to just write everyones names on the back of the bags.
 First I cut them out.  Then I drew on the cute little bunny faces before gluing them together.
 Then I decided to just cut out some banner tags to write their names on.
I looped over some twine a few times and tied that into a bow.  I glue doted the twine to the banner and then glue doted that to the bunnies ear.

Then I glue doted a cotton ball to the back to look like a cute little bunny tail.  

These were a quick and easy little Easter project that would be fun for even the kids.

I haven't decided what I am putting in them yet, maybe some Easter grass and maybe each persons dyed egg in it.. I don't know, I will just have to play it by ear I think.

Have you made any Easter treats this year?



  1. Lovely, I love it, please could you send me the pattern, I'm not a good drawer.(bunny treat bags). Thank you for your help. Christine from France. My mail address : fcguillon@free.fr

  2. Bonjour
    Est ce possible de m'envoyer le patron du sac lapin que j'aimerais réaliser pour mon petit fils??? D'avance je vous remercie. Martine

  3. Bellissimo non si potrebbe avere il modello in PDF? grazieeeee