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Thursday, March 28, 2013


 I have wanted a vinyl welcome sign for the front door, since, oh we moved in like almost 4 years ago.  
It has been on the "Things I want to make" List.  

So I finally said this is it, I am just going to do it.  

This is what the front door looked like, before.  Nothing special, just a plain white front door.  But it definitely needed a little sprucing up.  

Here it is now.  A nice little pop of color (well not really color but , color as in not white) .  

I love the way it looks with the new ferns hanging in the baskets next to the window.  

I love the little brackets too.  

{ W * E * L * C * O * M * E } to our home.  

I found a similar welcome design in the silhouette store, but I didn't like the stars that were in between the letters so I just created my own design.  I just spaced the letters and added a circle in between each letter.  Then I found some brackets that I liked and sized those to the right size too.  I like that the brackets give it a little bit more UMPH, I guess you can say.  

Then I just used the transfer paper and then put it right on the front door.  I did have to cut the brackets separately but they were easy to just line up and add those on after the welcome sign.  

Before when I had my silhouette SD I didn't really get a chance to work with vinyl.  But now that I have I am  loving it and I can't wait to start making more vinyl projects.  I have a few canvas signs I want to make that I think are going to be next on my to do list. We shall see :)  


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  1. I like it it makes a big difference Thanks for posting this.