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Monday, September 16, 2013


I love canvas art but sometimes they can get so pricey.  So I love to be able to create my own.  Much more personal that way too.  
When we moved I knew I wanted to do the kids room in something new.  They needed something new since they finally would not be sharing the room with their sister.  
I didn't even have to think about what the theme would be it just had to be a motocross theme.  The boys are obsessed with riding their dirt bike so that is just what it had to be.  
At first I looked at tons of comforters with dirt bikes on them but none of them really caught my eye and the colors were just not what I wanted.  Jacob has a KTM so the kids love anything black and orange but I didn't want their room looking like Halloween exploded in there all year round.  So I was just at a loss and figured I would just keep searching until I knew I found the right one.
Then it happened.  I was online one day and saw an add for Bed Bath and Beyond and saw these comforters and I just knew these were the ones. The comforters had the most perfect colors and not a dirt bike theme.  I decided this was so much better because then if we wanted to take away the dirt bike theme, we didn't have to change the comforters too.  
These comforters had the orange for KTM in them, the green for Kawasaki, the Blue for Yamaha....  perfect a good variety of dirt bike manufacturers colors.  

So my mom wanted to get these for the boys, so she ordered them and shortly after we moved in they arrived.  The set even came with curtain valances...  What a deal.  I will share how I fixed up the curtains in another post.  
So then once the beds were all set up, I needed to start finding ways to make it look like it had the motocross theme.  I searched online and there isn't much out there to purchase.  So I put my brain to work and thought of this DIY canvas idea.  
I went to Hobby Lobby, cell phone coupon and printed coupons in hand.  I got the two of the 2 packs of 16x20 canvases.  They are $7.99 and I used the 40% off coupons.  Each of the boys bought one of the packs and me and Chloe used our coupons for a few other things I needed that day. 
When I got home the kids wanted to help with this project and I thought that would be cool since it was going up in their room.  I thought it would be fun for them to be able to say they helped make the art hanging on their wall.  
So I put the kids to work painting the canvases a solid color.  We went with the three main colors from their comforters.  So once canvas was orange, one was lime green and one was navy blue.  We did roughly 2 coats on each canvas.  They loved doing this part.  

Then it was my turn to get crafty for the project.  I used my Silhouette Cameo and cut out 3 different shapes on white vinyl.  I cut 2 of the same dirt biker guy, and one of the quad guy.
I then attached the vinyl cut outs onto each of the canvases.  I just put one of the dirt biker guys upside down and one the right way.  Even though it is the same image it looks different just being upside down and looks like the guy is doing some awesome trick.

Now I have to be honest and say this part was not the most fun, not was it easy.  I got so mad I ended up throwing one of the vinyl images away and had to cut it out again.  I don't know if it is the canvas texture or the paint on the canvases or what but the vinyl was not wanting to stick to the canvases at all.  It took a lot of patience and I had to go really slow.  Once I got them on and not to move it was easier.  I was just not having the best luck with it that day.
Once I got them on I turned the canvases over and really pressed down to get the vinyl to really stick to the canvases so they would not lift or just come off.  They have not even peeled up at all since I hung them up.

I love the way they turned out and the kids love them too.
Next project I think for their room is going to be names over their beds.  I have a plan for that too.  I also have started a project for their room that is going to be a subway art with all words relating to dirt bikes and motocross.  I can't wait to finish that one up.

I definitely love the way their room is coming together.  I love the colors, the big boy look, the feel of it being an all boys room for them now.

What is your latest DIY project?  Have you ever made anything on a canvas?


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