Monday, September 23, 2013


When I was growing up I had wood letters on my wall that spelled out my name.  I have wanted to do this for my kiddos for the longest time and knew when we moved here it would be the perfect time.  I had an idea right away for what I wanted to do for the boys names, but not exactly for Chloe.
One day I was at Hobby Lobby and they had these paper mache letters on sale for 50% off.  So I got each letter for only .99.  What a deal.  
So I only got the letters for CHLOE because the letters for the boys names I had thought of were different. 

So I picked out her letters and brought them home and there they sat.  I was still not quite sure what I wanted to do to them.  I thought I could paint them black or the turquoise color in her room.. But I was just thinking I would get to it another time.  Then it hit me recently I wanted to do them in zebra pattern.  

So first I needed to spray paint them white.  Which this was a task all in itself because it took so many coats I lost count.  Something to do with the material the letters are made from was just soaking up the spray paint.  So probably after 8 coats later, they were all white.

I tried hand drawing on some zebra stripes, because I thought really how hard could that really be.  Well ya not that easy apparently because it looks ridiculous. So then I cut this pattern out of some scratch white card stock I keep on hand.  I used my silhouette cameo and just cut a big square with the zebra pattern.  

Then I used a extra fine sharpie and traced the pattern onto each letter.  I just moved the stencil around to make it look good on each letter.  

My first intention was that I was just going to color in each zebra stripe with a thicker sharpie marker.  But that wasn't working.  It must have been the glossy spray paint because it just wasn't covering very well in each stripe.  So I just took a tiny paint brush and painted in each stripe.  It actually went pretty fast, and if I went a little out of the lines, it really didn't matter since it isn't a perfect line to begin with.
I did forget to get a picture of me painting them though. 

I let them dry even though I was dying to hang them up.  I was really liking the way they turned out and couldn't wait to see them in her room above her bed.  

I used these command strips (have you tried these, they work great for hanging so many things and then you don't have nail holes in the walls either ).  
So I put a few on the back of each letter to make sure it would hold them to the wall nice and securely.  

It was exactly how I imagined it. When I decided to do her room in zebra I didn't want to go too zebra crazy and have everything in zebra, but more just accent stuff along with the black and small hints of the turquoise too.  So her sheets are zebra, one lamp shade and a blanket at the end of her bed, and a few frames.
I really do love how big girl her room looks.
The black night stand is going to eventually get painted the same turqouise color, but for now it is just on the to do list.
I think in this collage frame I am going to add a few zebra papers to fill in a few of the spots and then add pictures to the rest of the spots.  

Here is a close up shot of one of the letters.  See, nothing perfect but all together with the rest of the letters, it looks really good.
Now I have been trying to think of something else I can make for her room just so that I can paint something else in zebra too.

Now I definitely need to get the boys names done.  That is next on the to do list for their room.


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