Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ever since I started Project Life I have kind of struggled with the date cards for each week.  I see some online and people get very detailed and each week is different, and I did start out this year like that.  Then I found myself super behind on even just getting my photos into my album after we moved.
Last year I started project life and was all gung ho and just go so far behind it was not even funny.  For those date cards I was just using the cards that came in the kit and writing the dates on them.  I liked them, but I didn't at the same time.

So I started thinking about just making my own printable date cards so I could just have them all printed and already in my album and really no extra work on my end. Brilliant, why didn't I think about that before??  
So this year I had the turquoise edition of Project Life so I wanted something that kind of went along with those colors so it wasn't too outrageous looking.  
I totally have a thing for grey lately.  Like grey is the new black to me.  
I would love to design a project life kit with grey as the main focus and have pops of colors.  Maybe Becky Higgins will have another contest for people to submit Project Life design ideas?  Hey maybe, a girl can dream right.  

So I started with a grey texture on the back and I wanted the number of the week to be really big on the page, so I made it really big.  
I made sure to include the dates that coincide with that week.  
I liked it but then I was thinking it still needed a little something.  So I thought it would be perfect to add the year on there, so I made it as a strip across the bottom, and made it a light color and real small.  Just like an accent line, only the line is the date.  

I started with week 39 since I am currently working on getting all caught up with my photos.  I have a ton waiting for me to pick them up at Costco so I am hoping I can make it over there this weekend and get them.
After I make all of the week cards I am also going to send them Costco to be printed. I love Costco prints in the lustre finish, and you can't beat there price either.  If you are a Costco member you should check them out, and if you are a member but don't have one very close you can also have the pictures shipped right to your door.  

I am pretty tempted to make week cards for next year too and have them printed out so I will be one step ahead for next year and can really focus on staying current on my pictures.  


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