Random Ramblings: SUNDAY RAMBLINGS

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Tonight I thought I would just share some Sunday random thoughts....  

1. Today was Jacob's birthday and I made him breakfast burritos this morning and steak and corn and noodles for dinner.  I made him a yellow cake ( even though he doesn't like cake or sweets really for that matter ) and I decorated it to look like a campfire.  I frosted it and then covered it in crushed graham crackers then added some chocolate candies that look like rocks and some stick cookies to look like logs.  

2.  I am tired of the heat and super ready for fall to be here.  

3.  I hate Mondays.  The boys don't have school on Fridays so we get a 3 days weekend and sometimes after that it is hard to get back into routine on Mondays.

4.  Since Jacob has been on graveyard every night since Thursday the kids and I have slept in the living room.  They absolutely love to do this, kind of like camping in the house.  So I happily agree even though I sleep on the loveseat and sometimes it isn't that comfortable, but I do think it is kinda fun.  

5.  I am excited for my shows to come back on this fall.  Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries are my top 4.  

What are some of your random thoughts for the day?  


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