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Thursday, October 17, 2013


One thing that I do daily is check my facebook, weather it be on my laptop or on my cell phone.  Well today I got on and read this story that truely touched my heart. I am always touched by stories like this, but today I was touched in a different way. 
Today reading it I decided I wanted to do something, bring some cheer to this girls face.
Let me slow down and send you HERE to read the story.

Now here is what I am asking of you and anyone you want to share the story with.  I would love to collect 100 cards or small gifts to send to this girl.  Who wouldn't love to get a showering of love and support like that in the mail?  I think it would be awesome.
So I am asking that you join with me in my quest to send a smile to Shea.  
Feel free to share this information with anyone that you know that might be interested, your dentist, your babysitter, even your mailman or friendly grocer.  Lets spread the word and do a little paying it forward.
I also created an event on facebook for this and you can find that HERE .

I have set the deadline date as November 17th to get the cards and or small gifts to me and then I will package it all up and send it to her.

Don't forget to help me spread the word.  Thanks.  :)


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