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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Today I thought I would stop in to share a super quick and easy dinner idea.
Now let me start off by telling you I am not really a fish or seafood eater.  I will eat shrimp sometimes, and I like crab and that is about it.
Well on that note it is so strange to me how often I actually crave these crab tostadas.  They are SUPER yum.  
They are a light kind of dinner, but so filling at the same time.  That is my kind of dinner.  
My husband came up with this recipe years ago and we have been enjoying it often ever since then. 
Another thing I love so much about this recipe is that it does not have be exact.  If you like more tomatoes then you can add more and less of another thing.  

So this is how we usually do it most of the time. 

1 XL pack of imitation crab (about 2.5 - 3 pounds )
6-8 roma tomatoes - if larger tomatoes are on sale use those just not as many, unless of course you want extra tomatoes
1 large red onion - diced up small
cilantro - 1 bushel and we use about half of it - chopped up
lemon juice - about 1-2 (or more) cups
salt - to taste
sour cream
tostada shells

1. Chop up the onion, cilantro and tomatoes and the crab.
2. Put it all into a large bowl.  Mix it all together.
3.  Sprinkle a little salt over.
4.  Now add the lemon juice depending on how tart you want it.  We like ALOT of lemon juice.  It just brings the entire thing together.  You can always start with some and taste, and add as you go to make sure you will like it.  I usually just dump alot in to start because we like it like that.  

Mix it all together to get the lemon juice over all of the stuff.  

Take a tostada shell and cover it with a layer of sour cream.  The sour cream acts like a glue to help hold everything on the shell.  

Top the tostada shell with a generous pile of the mixture and enjoy.
It is so good I am telling you.  

This makes so much and we eat it one night, usually for lunch the next day and sometimes for dinner again another night a few days later.  

Let me know if you try this and what you think.  


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