Random Ramblings: HOME PROJECTS GOAL FOR 2014

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I know I tried this once before, and never kept up with it.  But now I am going to try this again.  We are in a new house this year and I have a lot of ideas and projects I want to do with the new house.  
So my goal for this list is to get all or most of them accomplished this year.  I am a list maker and I love crossing the done things off the list.
I am hoping that sharing the list with you will help me make a much better effort of blogging this coming year, and help me actually follow through on all my project ideas.  I tend to start a million projects at once and not always finish all or any of them...  What can I say, I get so excited about all my to do projects that I want to do them all at once then I have so many going on I get overwhelemed and can't decide which one to work on so I just don't work on any.. Oh yes this has been a long time problem of mine.  BUT I am working on changing that this year, and hopefully with the prospect of blogging about each project will help me work on this bad habit of mine.  :) 
Then my ultimate goal for this list is to blog about each project and then link everything in this list to the blog post about the project.
I am looking forward to the new year coming and a fresh start for another year. I am determined to make 2014 a good year.  I have many goals set, not just for projects around the house but personal and financial goals as well.
Now on to my HOME PROJECT GOALS FOR 2014


√ make stone path from walkway to end of yard
√ plant grass
√ plant flowers and greenery in front planter
√ put bark in planter areas


√ add turquoise and blue colors to the room
√ pillows for the couches and chair - make
a large canvas print for about the tv stand  √ Made a wood sign with turqouise instead
metal scrolly for above the black and white canvas – hobby lobby
metal bowl for the coffee table with decorative balls inside – hobby lobby
√ fill the picture frames above the couch with pictures of the kids
next to the table at the front door – 3 large canvas black and white prints of the kids
new curtains when add color to the room
paint the living room brownish/tanish color
make 2 fake fern arrangements to replace the dead ones
dark turquoise blanket for the couch – target
greenery on the fireplace
canvas wall art to add color 
√ new vinyl welcome sticker for the front door


curtain for the backyard door
√ fix the curtains above the sink and sliding glass door
wood cutting board to leave on the counter
glass cutting board
get a toaster
get a keurig coffee maker
screen for the sliding glass door
paint the kitchen
√ hutch table for the tv wall
framed photographs for above the hutch table
√ new tv
bean bag chairs for the kids for infront of the tv


get new black frames
update pictures in frames
√ hang the wood height chart back up


paint the walls grey
framed pictures of the kids in the bathtub
paint the cabinets white


paint it light brown/tanish color
dirt bike tire tracks painted on the walls
make a dirtbike wood sign
rug that matches the room – target
paint edge of bulletin board
shelves above their beds
clip light attatched to each of their beds
install a fan


zebra rug
black and zebra curtains
√ put pictures in the frames
paint dresser black
paint desk black
install a fan
paint other nightstand back to black
paint room – bottom half turquoise
zebra border around walls
get another small black bookcase for under the window


√ new comforter
√ new curtains to match comforter 
framed pictures of the kids – 3 on each side of the bigger window – white frames
shelves on each side of the bed
make some canvas wall art to match colors
paint frame around mirror
paint cabinets

√ plant  a garden
plant some grass
swingset for the kids
fence off a dog area
lay more cement area



  1. Ah, I can comment now! Yay!
    Your explaination of all your ideas and not keeping up sounds just like me.
    You have a healthy list of to-do's here. I'll be looking forward to seeing them come together!

    1. OMG I am so bad about keeping up with my projects, I annoy myself with it lol. I really want to keep up with them and finish them this year. I do have a heafty list, but being in the new house this year, I have so many things I want to do.
      I look forward to seeing them come to life as well. :)