Random Ramblings: TEACHER CARD SETS

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I love making card sets for people as gifts.  Who doesn't love getting cute cards they can send to people.. I know I love getting cards.
So earlier in the year when I was thinking about what I was going to do for the boys teachers this year for Christmas, I knew one gift was definitely going to be a set of cards.  
I debated back and forth with myself on if I was going to make all the cards the same or a bunch of different ones.  In the end I decided to just do all the same.  
I have a ton of blank white cards that my mom gave me, so I started with those as my base.  I knew I wanted them to have some what of a teacher/school feel to them.
So I had no real plan in mind, just started pulling paper from my stash.
I cut the red paper to fit so there was a big white border around it, but on the top I left it longer so I could fold it over the top, with a ripped look.  Ripping paper was one of my favorite ways to add paper on my scrapbook pages many many years ago lol.
Then I took a Becky Higgins Project Life grid card and tucked it under the folded top edge of the red paper.  
I cut out all the apples with my silhouette.  
I have a big scalloped circle punch that I have had for many many years, so I cut those out in black, then embossed them with some circle bubbles.
I then decided to add some twine to the top of the red folded flap.  I swear I can't make anything without twine, it just adds that something extra.
I then cut out the yellow stars with my silhouette too.  
I placed the black circle towards the bottom of the grid card and pop dotted the red apple in the middle of that.  The starts were added and it gave it just enough color pop that it needed.  Then last I added the ruler washi tape ( which I have no idea where I got lol ).  
Then I sat and looked at it and thought it just needed one last finishing touch, so I drew dash lines around the red and the white paper and it was exactly what it needed.  
I LOVE how the cards came out .  I made each teacher 6 cards. 
I wish when I wrapped them up I would have taken a picture, they looked so nice in the little boxes with clear tops. ( I used boxes from Christmas cards I had bought, but decided not to send out ) They fit perfectly in the box and looked like I bought them at the store. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my teacher card sets.  



  1. These turned out super cute. I'm sure the teachers loved them!

    1. Thank you, and Both of the teachers did tell me they loved them, and I was so glad to hear it. :)