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Sunday, December 29, 2013


I love the look of the vinyl wall stickers on walls.  Don't you?  Just adds a pop of WOW to a room I think.  It is a little something fun.
I mean who as a kid didn't love to put stickers anywhere and everywhere, I know I did. So now we are just dealing with the grown up adult version of a sticker.  Nothing glittery and shiny, but a quote that means something to you.  
So that being said I did not want to spend some of the high end amounts I have seen for large vinyl wall quotes.  I mean I have seen them up in the high $40s.
So instead I wanted to just make my own.  I mean since I do have a HIGH love of vinyl and all, why not.  

So I started with a quote which I LOVE. 

"Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away".  

I have always loved this quote.  So it was easy to pick what I wanted on the wall.  I knew exactly where I wanted it too.  
So I opened up my silhouette software and picked a font I love and wrote out the quote. 
I made sure that my paper size was the same as the size of the sheet of vinyl I had, and same with the length.  

I also highlighted the entire quote and welded it together so that all the letters that connect would cut as one piece instead of each letter cutting out, and possibly cutting up some of the other letters.  
Next I made sure my settings were set to cut vinyl and made sure my blade was on the correct setting as well.  

Then my silhouette cameo did its own magic and cut the vinyl, just like it was slicing through butter.  Have I mentioned how much I really LOVE my silhouette.  Well in case I haven't I am telling you again.  

The next step was cutting the two lines apart, and then a little task called weeding.  This is when you take off all the extra vinyl around the letters and all the little pieces inside some of the letters, like the inside of an "a"..  It isn't a hard task, but you need to be careful because something the little lines, like the crossing of the t, like to lift up too.  I used these little pointy tweezers to help get the job done.  

Next I cut my transfer paper and stick it right over the words.  ( note : I use clear contact paper now instead of transfer paper... works exactly the same and I can get a huge roll of it for around $4.00)  
I take my scrapper tool and run it over this a few times to make sure the vinyl is secure to the contact paper.  

Then I went to the wall.  I took off the backing of the vinyl so the front of the letters were just on the contact paper and the back was the sticky part, just like a sticker.
I laid it out (several times) to make sure it was as straight as I could it .  I debated many times if I wanted it all as one long line, or two lines when it was on the wall. In the end I went with the two lines.  
Once it is where I wanted it, I took my handy dandy scrapper again and rubbed it all over the contact paper several several times with a heavy hand. I really wanted it to stick to the wall.  Once it was stuck to the wall I slowly began to peel off the contact paper. In some of the small detailed spots I needed to press it into the wall for some added stick.  
After I got all of the contact paper peeled off, I went over it with my hand and pressed it firmly against the wall as well.  

Yes I realize it isn't perfectly straight, but in the end I am OK with that. :) 

This is in our living room above the couch.  When we moved here in May the first thing I hung up were these three frames.  I knew I wanted a scroll metal wall thing for above the frames, and when I started thinking about the vinyl quote I knew I wanted it right here under the frames.  
On another note I really can't wait to paint in this room at some point this year. I will just cut the same quote from white I think so it stands out against the tanish/brownish color I want to paint the walls.  

Do you have any vinyl wall stickers on your walls?  Have you ever made your own?  

Thanks for stopping by!

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