Monday, December 30, 2013


I have a slight obsession with vinyl.  I feel the need to add vinyl to anything and everything lately. I swear everywhere I go if I see something that catches my eye, I think to myself how can I add vinyl to this and what would I add...  I guess that is just how my crafty mind works lol.  
Well about a month or two ago, me and the kids were at the Dollar store and I cam across some colored bottles.  Instantly I knew they were perfect for adding some vinyl of some kind to them.  My first thought was to add the kids names to them, and that is exactly what I did. 
This is the bottles when I brought them home from the store.  
Fun colorful bottles, that will be more fun with some vinyl on them.   

I figured out what designs I wanted to put on each of their bottles and laid it out in my silhouette software.  I measured the area on the bottles so I knew how big I could make my designs without it coming off the bottle.  

The boys were getting a dirt biker design and Chloe got a butterfly.  

Then just like the wall vinyl sticker I used the contact paper and transfered the designs to each bottle.  
They are not perfectly straight as I am sure you can see, but the bottle had a curve in it which made the designs not lay straight on them, but hey they kids don't care, they just loved their new personalized bottles.  
This is little Jacob's bottle.

This is Caleb's bottle. 

And this is miss Chloe's bottle.  

The kids love them and Chloe used hers for water to take to dance class with her... that is until I dropped it at dance class and broke a hole in the bottom. I need to make her a new one now.  

I think it is so much fun to personalize things for the kids and they love it too.  Look how just adding thier names to the cheap dollar store bottles really made it so much more fun.  Perfect for kids ! 

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