Monday, January 6, 2014


I am such a sucker for a good planner.  I have been known to buy several and try to keep up with 2 at the same time, or even just buy another one a few months after I got the first because I thought I would like it more.  I tried once to create my own by buying all the inside parts and a little folder for it.  They all seemed to work at the time but I guess I would get bored with them at the same time.  All they did was really just keep my appointments all in once place.
So quite some time ago I saw an ERIN CONDREN LIFE PLANNER .  I LOVED it as soon as I saw it.  I knew that was the next planner that I wanted, however since it wasn't on the cheap side for a planner I knew I needed to save up for it first.  So I did debate back and forth so many times, and even searched for a new planner online but it just seemed like nothing compared to the Erin Condren Life Planner.  I loved that I could even customize it to have a picture on the front.  I read so many reviews and everyone said once you get one you will be hooked and it was the best planner ever.
After several months of debating and trying to convince myself I could just find a planner for 2014 at Target I just did it. I ordered my first Erin Condren Life planner.  I was stalking the UPS tracking online just waiting for it to come.  I was so darn excited, like a little kid waiting for Santa to come or something.  

So let me share my planner with you and tell you a little about how I use mine.  
I got the personalized cover ($5.00 extra, but I just had to have my kiddos on my planner )

You can customize what you want the front to say.  I knew I wanted my name and then I went back and forth on what else I wanted it to say.  I decided to go with the dates that way when I look at it I know exactly what year the planner was for.  And since mine didn't go for a typical calendar year, I went with adding the months as well.
I love how my name is multiple colors and the date is in grey.

 The back cover has some colorful stripes.
The metal coil is very strong as well.  Which is one thing I definitely need since I carry mine in my purse I have had some planner get extra used from having to take a daily ride in my purse.  

I love all the colorful tabs that separate each section.

There are pockets inside and alot of notes pages too, which I also love.  

Another pocket and future calendars for extra ahead planning.  

There is also a section for contacts, but it is only one page so it is too small for my entire address book so I don't really use that part at the moment and I haven't thought of anything else to put in there.  
There is a section for birthdays and anniversaries, but I honestly never use this section for that and in all my other planners it just sits blank.  So in a group I am in on facebook I saw that people were using washi tape to cover up stuff they didn't like in their planners.  Then another thing I saw was a girl used it for saying what she was thankful for.  BRILLIANT I thought, I knew I wanted to do that.  I wanted it as a way to remind myself of all the things I am thankful for in my life, not just around Thanksgiving time, but for the entire year. So I took some bright pink washi tape and covered up the birthdays and anniversaries and plan to write something else in its place. 

I started this in November so this was for 2013.  Just a few small sentences, not even a complete one at that of what I am thankful for that day.  

For some of the blank note pages I added some little sticky tabs that allowed me to make my own little sections.  I like to have my notes together instead of just randomly on different blank pages.  
So I made one for Christmas planning for this year... for when I can shop ahead or if I get an idea of a gift I can jot it down and then I have it all in once place and always with me.  
Another tab for blog planning.  
We made a decision that we won't be doing parties every single year for the kids, but next year (as in 2015) the kids will be turning good ages for a party... Chloe will be turning 5, little Jacob will be turning 10 and Caleb will be turning 8.  So we thought those will be good ages for a birthday party.  Well I love to plan ahead for a party and these sections will give me a year plus to write down and thoughts and ideas I have for their parties next year.  
And also one for freezer meal ideas.  I want to get back on track with my meal planning and I want to make ahead meals for the freezer, so this section can help me keep track of those plans.  
I am sure I will think of more sections, and it is so easy to just stick a tab and make a section.  

Another thing I did to my planner was remove the pouch from the back.  I loved that it was included but once I put some pens and sticky notes in it, it was bulky and didn't let my planner lay flat and that made it hard to write in too, so I just cut it out.  Then I just keep it in my purse and have it all handy, just not in my planner.  

Inside my little pouch I keep my pens. I have two favorite that I use for everything.  The Sharpie pens in fine are what I use most in my day to day writing.  I love them and the best part is they don't bleed through the pages.  

My other favorite pens of all time are the Staedtler Triplus fineliner pens.  Love these just as much too.  
They write super fine and also don't bleed through the pages.  

I also keep a bottle of white out and my small post it stickies that I used to make my own tabs and a little pad of post it notes for making myself notes that I can then add into my planner.  

What I love about the calendar part of the planner is that it has a monthly overview and a weekly overview as well.  
For the montly overview I write Jacob's work schedule and the bills on the days they are due  any appointments that we have, all my schedules photo shoots and when the kids have no school , birthdays.. etc.  All our general stuff that I can see all in one place.  I also color code them so I can just look and see what we have going on.  

Then for the weekly overview I also write Jacob's work schedule, and any appointments for any days that we have.  I also write the kids school schedules in there, for days of no school or minimum days.  
Then I just write notes about that day in each slot.  It has a section for morning day and night, but I just write over those most of the time lol.  
If there is something I want to remember for that day or just general what we did kind of thing.  
One thing I love is looking back at old planners and not just having big events recorded, but all the small little day to day things too.  Sort of a words version of Project Life in a way.  

 So this is my planner that I love so much.  I think I would be lost without it. 

If you want to check out the website they don't just carry planners, but SO many other fun things too.  Check it out and if you sign up for the website using this link we can all start collecting credit for future orders.  
So click here and sign up .  

If you have an Erin Condren planner already I would love to know what you think of it and see how you use it for your daily life.  

Happy Planning and staying Organized!!  



  1. That is the cutest planner cover EVER!
    The inside pockets look really useful and it seems you are keeping super organized in it. I also love those Sharpie pens. I'm always trying to talk my work into ordering more of them for the office!

    1. Thank you. I do LOVE my planner cover too. I thought it will be fun to do a cover like this every year, and then in years look back on how they have changed. :)
      I love planners and I don't know why lol. I love to write things down and try to be all organized like that. I love to be color coded for all things like that too.. Ive always been like that, even my notes in college were color coded lol.
      I seriously LOVE these pens. My black I write with so much it has a worn spot on the tip that you can tell that is the way I always hold it ... I need to get another set of just black ones. I have a thing for pens too. :)
      If you want to get a planner or anything from that website.. they have address books and all kinds of personalized things, use that link and sign up through me and we can both earn credit. :)