Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Friday's are dance class for little miss Chloe.  It took her a LONG time to adjust to the class, but now she is in love with the class and pretty chatty with the teachers and other girls.  It was a long process to get her to this point.  First she wouldn't let me leave the room, then a few weeks of that then she let me leave the room, but she would stand in the corner, then a few weeks of that.  Then she would do the warm ups and moves but against the wall away from everyone else.  Finally once she gave it a real go there was no looking back.  She loves the class so much.
So since her 4th birthday is on Sunday she wanted to take something to her friends since brothers are always getting to take fun stuff to school like that.

So my first idea was to make some bright cupcakes and wrap them up and take those.  But then I started thinking that is a lot of mess and if the kids want to eat it before they go home they'll make a mess and if they take it home, what if the icing starts to get warm and makes a mess on the way home.... SO, I opted for some iced sugar cookies instead.  Super easy and time saving, but still a fun treat for the kids to get.  

First thing I did was go through my paper supply, because lord knows I am in no short supply of that.  I dug out some colors I like and then narrowed it down to three that I liked together.  I went with a turquoise, a yellow and a polka dotted pink.  I cut balloons out of those colors on my silhouette cameo. I then cut a tag out of white cardstock I had on hand as well.  
I wanted to keep the cards super simple since I knew they would just get ripped off in a matter of minutes when the kids were trying to get to their cookies anyways.  

But I did want to add a little bit of detail to them.  So I drew some dash lines in black all the way around the cards.  Because to me they just add so much more of that special touch.  I then taped, with just good old scotch tape some twine, my favorite embellishment ever, to the back of each balloon.  I then glued the turquoise and yellow balloons down right to the card letting them hang over the edge a bit. Then I popped up the pink balloon with some 3d foam adhesive.
I then took another piece of twine and tied a bow around the balloon strings to gather them together and put a small dot of glossy accents under the bow to help hold them all in place.  
I just took my favorite pens and wrote from: in black and Chloe M in pink.  
Super simple cards and it only took me one night to make 16 of them.  
After that I took my little bags that I picked up at the dollar store and put a cookie inside each one.  I then cut another longer piece of twine and looped it into the hole of the tag and then tied it around the tag and tied it into a bow in the front.  
We took them to her dance class and she was so excited to give them out.  Her dance teacher held her up on her lap after class and had all the kids sing Happy Birthday to her before she handed out the bags.  She was all smiles.  


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