Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I know we are not alone in the struggle to save money these days.  It always seems like we get all caught up and ahead on everything and maybe save a few dollars here and there and then something happens and we are having to use what we have saved up.  Story of our lives.. just keeping it real here.  
So I figured I am going to do a new approach to this saving thing, and even save some for the 3 little ones too.  I have been reading all over the internet lately about the 52 week savings challenge.  I told myself this was going to be one of my goals for 2014.
So I figured I needed to start small.  If I set myself up to save big huge amounts, I know it is not something I can follow through with all year.  So if I set myself up with small goal amounts that are reasonable, then on the weeks I can add more then I can. Because really isn't it better to set realistic goals than not and know before you start you can't keep up with the goals.  Why set myself up for failure, right? Right.  
So I figured the 52 week challenge was set up pretty cool and I would stick to that one just the way it is.
So basically on the first week of the year, you stick $1.00 into the savings plan.  Then each week you add just $1.00 , which also goes along with the week of the year that it is.  So on week 7 lets say, you will be adding $7.00 into the account, and week 52 you will be adding $52.00... etc.  You see how that works.  Pretty easy I think, and looks like something we can definitely keep up with. So at the end of the year I will have saved $1378.00.  Now this is not money I am saying oh we are saving for this or that or to go here or there, this is all money that I do not want to touch.  Just pure save on the side and forget it exsists.  Just for a rainy rainy day maybe, maybe just keep saving like this for years on end and see what we have after 5, 10, even 20 years.  I don't know I just know I want to put it away and NOT have to use it.  

Then for the kids I knew I didn't want to do it the exact same as this but I did want to save something each week for each of the kids as well.  So I picked $3.00.  I don't know why I came up with this exactly, but maybe because there are 3 of them, it just seemed like a good amount.  Which makes that $3.00 for each of them is only $9.00 a week which is very reasonable and something we can definitely keep up with.  I also plan to add more as we can.  Maybe add $20.00 each birthday for them, or something like that. I don't have an exact rule to that part, just the $3.00 a week per child.  At the end of a year for each of them that will be $156.00.  If I left it at $3.00 each week after 10 years that would be $1560.00.  Not bad, but that will just be the minimum since I do plan to put away more here and there, and maybe next year I will set the goal at $5.00 per child each week.  Ill figure that out when the time comes.  

I needed to have some way of tracking it so I could keep myself accountable for putting the  money in each week.  I started by printing these blank savings plan charts from RESOURCEFUL BLOGGER .  You can find the exact charts I printed out.
I printed out one for each of the kids and one for our family savings.  I used the 52 week savings plan chart for all of them.  I wrote the goal on top of each one and labeled which child it is and for our family one I just wrote Jacob and Nicole.  
I think I will just write down the left side of the chart and use the right side for if and when I have any extra deposits I can track those along with it.  
I decided on every Friday since that is the day my husband gets paid.  He gets paid every other Friday, so technically we are paying 2 weeks worth out of each check, but I still want to just add to it every Friday, so it is a more constant thing, and smaller amounts each week.  I was also thinking of maybe highlighting each date maybe to know that I did add the money that week.. I don't know yet.  I think I just like to color code things lol.  

I know it all isn't much, but it is a small start to something at least. 

Are you going to take any money saving challenges this year?  I would love to see what your savings goals are and your approach to them this year.  
Here's to happy savings.  



  1. This is such a great plan! I have other friends participating in the 52 week plan, too. I especially like how you modified it to add additional savings for your children. I think I need to try that!

    1. Ya I have been wanting to do a savings plan for the kids for years now and it just never has happened and I said this is the year even if it is just a few bucks each week, at least it is better than nothing. It is a start to something lol. I wanted to make it simple enough that I could keep up with it and not feel like it was killing us to put money in it. This way it gives me the chance to add more as I can and not be a financial hardship in any way.