Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Yesterday morning before I drug my butt out of bed I was just browsing around the internet.  I was checking out pinterest which led me to a few blogs I was reading.  
I came across a post that shared a Martha Stewart chocolate cake.  THIS is the recipe from her that I came across.
Well I thought that looked like a great dessert for us to have last night.  I was going to try to whip up the actual cake recipe from her too, but I just ended up using a boxed chocolate cake mix.
I changed mine up just a little from the Martha Stewart version... not much at all, but Ill share with you what I did.  

First I baked the chocolate cake according to the directions.  Then I let it cool for a while and stuck it in the fridge to make sure it was cooled completely. 
I don't have any circle cake pans, nor do I have any small square cake pans so I just opted to use my normal rectangle cake pan and planned to cut the cake in half.  Hey why not, just work with what you have, right.  

Then I washed the strawberries and sliced them like this.  I then put them all in a bowl and poured in three packs of artificial sweetener and gave it a stir.  Just for some added sweetness.  

Then I just eyeballed it (because I am just not one to measure so an eyeball measure is good for me) and cut the cake in half.   

Then I took each half and cut those in half  horizontally.  So now I have 4 equal halves of cake.  

Next I took a tub of store bought cool whip, which I forgot to take a picture of, and smeared on a generous layer.  Then I topped that with the sliced strawberries.  

I repeated this with all 4 layers of cake, just stacking one layer on top each time. The last layer, and top I piled on the rest of the strawberries.  

WAHLAH... Finished cake.  It was so quick and easy to make.  After this I stuck it in fridge while we had dinner.  One thing about cool whip is it can start to get a little soft if it sits out for a bit.  

We ate dinner and cleaned up and relaxed for a bit then a few hours before midnight we all had a taste.  It is SO good.  It is very light in comparison to a chocolate cake with icing.  The sweetness from the strawberries gives you just enough that you don't even miss the icing.
The kids and I all had another piece this afternoon as well after lunch and it is just as good today as it was last night.  

This would be good with raspberries too I think.  Or a mixture of red berries.  What a nice light dessert for summer days too.  I will definately be making this again.  

Can you imagine the different combinations that could be made like this.. I can't wait to try some more. 

Off to figure out something to make for dinner tonight.  I have been having a lazy day and do not want to go to the store. 
Happy New Year!  


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