Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE : WEEK 1

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I am using the CINNAMON PROJECT LIFE KIT this year.  I saw it when it came out and fell in love with it then and knew it was the kit I wanted to use for this year.  
I didn't get a chance to get it before the first of the year started.  But I did get a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas and I used that to buy it so it worked out good that way. I also used a coupon so I got it for 40% off the normal price, even better!  
All the years before I focused alot on doing it with the photo a day approach.  It didn't always work and then I would get mad at myself for missing a photo on that particular day and then I would get behind and then the entire project would unravel for me and I would be so far behind it was overwhelming and hence why the last 2 years of project life are not completed.  I have the pictures on the computer, just not in the albums or separated yet.. One day I will go back and do it, but for now I am fully focused on actually completing my album this year.  And with that said I have a new approach to it this year.  
Instead of being so focused on a photo a day, I am doing it with a weekly outlook in the end.  I still will bring out my camera all the time, but I won't stress myself out if I don't take a picture on one day, but took extra on another day.  So the layout will just have more of an overview from the entire week instead of each day to day.  Hopefully this will help  me actually complete the album this year.  It is one of my goals I have set for myself this year.  :)  
Now enough of my bad follow through habits and onto some sharing.  

I used all the cards they suggested for the title page, but changed things up just a bit.
Here is what I did.
LIFE UNEXPECTED card : I used a converse tag I found in my stash.  
(side note : I like to save tags off clothes we buy because sometimes they make perfect embellishments, just like this converse one did )
Then I used some washi tape I had on hand to just add a few stripes off the side from the converse tag.  

GREY MANTOOTH card : It was the card that came with it and on the white strip it had writing on it about who the book belonged to.  I cut some grid project life card to fit in the spot so you wouldn't see that on there and added TINSEL SILVER THICKERS  , which I have had for several years.  They even lost a little stickiness so I had to use my adhesive for them to make sure they would stay put.  I hand wrote the and family  with my SHARPIE PENS in black.  

THE BROWN SWIRLY card : For this card I took one of the journaling filler cards and just trimmed it down and added it right on top of the card.  I also turned the card upside down from what they suggested in the example.  
ADVENTURE BOUND card : This one I just added some wood grain washi tape to the top and bottom and cut a sliver from some silver glitter washi tape and added that on top of the wood grain.  Then I used two circles from the letter set for the dots on the arrow of the card.  

FULL 2x3 PHOTO card : I printed the small picture of the kids and one of me and Jacob on the same 4x6 sheet of paper.  I set the photo up in photoshop so I could print it on one page.  The picture of Jacob and I is from my cell phone, but I downloaded all the pictures onto my laptop and it was a recent one of us, and one that I didn't mind too much of myself so I just printed it out in square form in black and white, since it was already this way from how I posted it on my INSTAGRAM.  

SMALL RECORDED card : I just wrote by Nicole Mantooth in the small spot at the top and added 2014 with the same thicker set from our name.  I layered it so it wasn't perfectly lined up and let the 4 hang off the bottom of the card a bit and then just trimmed it off so it would fit in the pocket.  

PHOTO card : For this one I just added some of the silver glitter washi tape to the top and bottom of mine and Jacob's picture, to make it look like the tape was holding the photo on.  I had to find some spot to add my favorite, twine, and this was the perfect spot for it.  Just wrapped it around a few times under our picture and } tied a bow.  I added a little glossy accents under the bow to help hold it in place. 

I think this is the most decorative I have gotten with my title page, but I sure love it.  The rest of the album I plan to keep pretty simple with not much embellishment.  This has got to help me stay on top of it as well.  

{ DECEMBER 29, 2013 - JANUARY 4, 2014 }



Last year I created some title cards and had them printed at costco, so they were all uniform and I didn't even have to think about it.  You can see those HERE.  This year I liked the cards that came in the kit alot so I decided to use those and just write the date in on each one.  I plan to keep it pretty uniform throughout the entire album, in fact I already wrote out all 52 weeks worth of title cards.  

I can't wait to really keep up with my project life this year.
Are you working on documenting your family this year in some sort of way?  Id love for you to share a link so I can check it out too.

I saw this on BECKY HIGGINS INSTAGRAM  and thought it was pretty cool.  It is the same concept as project life and documenting life.  The guy that created the video took a second long video of everday for an entire year and turned it into a video.  It is pretty cool.  So I thought I would share it with you as well.  I shared it on my facebook and someone commented that you could do the same thing with pictures, just do it as a slide show and one picture from everday and there you have your life over a years time all in one video.  What a great idea that is too.

Happy Documenting !  



  1. I love the way your PL is coming along! Your title page looks nice and finished. Mine still needs some work. LOL!

    1. Thank you. This is my favorite title page by far. Last year I liked it but this year I love it. :) Hey I am doing good keeping up with it so far, but its only just the start of January. I do good at first and get behind mid year and then half my album usually goes unfnished. I have last year about half done, but the pictures are on my computer, but thats about it lol. I really want to complete an entire year. I would love to see some of your pages as well.