Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE : WEEK 2

Thursday, January 16, 2014


january 5 - january 11

Ramblings from week 2 :

SUNDAY - We went riding out in the dessert.  Our friends Tabitha and Jose and their 2 kiddos went with us.  Little Jacob had the best time on their little quad.  He was a donut expert by the time we left.  Then they came over for dinner that night.  Jacob BBQ'd some chicken and we had pasta salad and corn on the cob.  

MONDAY - I got a new little turquoise basket ( on clearance )  for the coffee table today at Hobby Lobby and Chloe thinks that it is a new storage for her animals.  

TUESDAY - We had to be down at Fontana Kaiser at 7:15 this morning for Jacob's CAT SCAN appointment.  We left our house at 6am.  On our way we saw an amazing sunrise.  After the appointment we ate at Del Taco across the street.  

WEDNESDAY - Cutting my coupons.  Got to back on track with that this year.  I could really tell a difference in last year when I wasn't couponing.  

THURSDAY - Jacob came home from work and since I hadn't decided how I was going to cook the chicken I laid out for dinner he decided to make us fried chicken.  SO GOOD. We had mashed potatoes and gravy and corn with it too.  
Chloe got play dough from Uncle Matt and Aunt Amberley for Christmas and she is molding us all kinds of things.  She made daddy a sailboat on the ocean and me a colorful ball.  

FRIDAY - This morning I was in the office and heard a strange crash noise and went out to the living room to see what it was and Caleb said he had stood on the DVD bookcase and it crashed!.  Oh this kid!  Guess its time for a new one, since that one wasn't that steady in the first place and now I can get a black one like I wanted anyways.  :)
Got my wood blocks for a project all sanded and painted today.
The kids wanted to sleep in the living room tonight.  So since it is just a few days before school starts back up I made them a big bed in the living room floor and that is where they slept.  (Well Chloe came into our room in the middle of the night and was mad saying she wanted us to stay in there too... so she slept with us the rest of the night) .

SATURDAY - It is rare when Jacob has a Saturday off that we have nothing at all to do.  But today we didn't and he was off.  We relaxed at home all day it was SO nice.  The kids laid around in their pajamas all day and we watched some movies and tv.  We even had a super easy dinner of leftovers.  I just pulled it all out and everyone had what they wanted.  It was a nice Saturday for sure.  

Happy Documenting..  I would love to see your project life albums , or how you are documenting life.  Feel free to share your links in the comments.  


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