Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This has been on my list of to-dos for a while now.  Especially after I got Chloe's zebra name letters done for her room.  I try to keep the kids crafts equal between the them.  I went around a few times on how I just wanted to do these for thier rooms.  I first was going to do a metal looking finish to the letters, but it just didn't seem to go with how the rest of the room was looking.  So, instead I decided to just paint them in coordinating colors to match their room.  

There really wasn't anything hard or out of the ordinary for this project.  Just some craft paint, foam paint brushes, and the unfinished letters from Hobby Lobby.  

The white letters are a little hard to see at the moment, but I plan to paint thier room some time in the near future, so once we do that it will be easy to see the white letters.  

I painted one coat, and let them dry, then painted another coat the next day.  After that last coat dried for most of the day I used my favorite sticky strips and attatched them to the back of the letters and hung them on the wall.  I can see in this picture the B in Caleb is not exactly lined up.  I think I need to fix that, or wait until I do paint and have to take them down anyway.
I got the letters around Christmas time at Hobby Lobby.  They are normally $1.99 and were on sale for 50% off, so I got each boys name for $5.00.  Score.  
I have more ideas for things in their room, but this is a start at least.  
I have a shelf I think I want to build that goes across this wall over both of their beds.  One project at at time though is what I keep telling myself since I tend to start a million at once.  :)
Love how thier room is coming along.  One project at at time.  Speaking of which I need to go put another coat of spray paint on the project I am finishing up for miss Chloe's room. I can't wait to share that one.  


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