Sunday, February 2, 2014


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook I shared this a few days ago. But I wanted to share it here on my blog as well. 
Now first please let me make this known that I am in no way sharing this as a way to toot my own horn or am I looking for praises. I am sharing this in hopes that it will also inspire others to do the same.

So last week on Tuesday morning Jacob, Chloe and I were out running some errands before he had to go to work. We decided to grab a bite to eat at Carl's Jr before we headed back home.  So we ordered our food and while we were in line, there was an obvious homeless man, that didn't smell too great,  standing behind us. We made our order and went to sit down.  The man got a cup of coffee and sat across the restaurant from us.  Chloe and I walked past him when I had to take her to the bathroom.  I noticed he just had his small cup of coffee and some change on his table.
On the floor next to him sat a grocery bag with what seemed to be his belongings, and a folded up sleeping bag.  All his belongings right there in one bag on the floor next to him, when I have a house full of "things" not far from there.  Really puts things into perspective when you realize that there is someone who is human just like you and I and can carry everything they own in one small grocery bag.  It is sad really... It always makes me wonder, how did they get in that situation, do they have any family, was it drugs, were they laid off work back when times were hard, what??  Not that I would ever ask.
After that we finished our food and went on our way out to the car. Once we got outside I told Jacob seeing him there with only his coffee and us having full stomachs, made me want to go back in and buy him a hamburger.  He told me to go ahead.
So I went back in and I asked the girl behind the counter, if that man came in often.  She said "Why did the smell bother you?"
I said , "No I was just curious, and wanted to buy him a hamburger."
She looked surprised.  She then told me he came in there sometimes, and even though he didn't smell too great, they couldn't kick him out, and he too is only human and deserves to sit and drink a cup of coffee.  She said he only ordered a small cup of coffee and a cookie to eat.  So I paid for a hamburger and just asked her to take it to him when it was ready.
I left after that.  I would have loved to see his face when it arrived, but just knowing he was getting it made me smile just the same.
It wasn't much that I did, and now I wish I had bought him the meal so he got fries and another drink as well.  NEXT TIME I am going to do that.

I didn't just spare a few dollars for a burger for a stranger with much less than me, but he helped me that day too.  He helped me remember to be thankful for all that I have and was a reminder to myself to help those less fortunate than us, when we can.  To remember to tell people thank you and show appreciation when it is due.  

Ive read online about people doing random acts of kindness and I think it is so much fun to do unexpected surprises for people.  There is something so rewarding in my own heart when I can give to someone when they are not expecting it.  It FEELS GOOD TO DO GOOD!
A long time ago I made a board on PINTEREST called RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS after reading some of those ideas.  There isn't many pins but some are links to lists of things people did.
I told myself I am going to make it a point to do random acts of kindness when I can.

I challenge you to do a random act of kindness and share it too.  Maybe you will also inspire someone to do good, and then they will inspire someone too.  You never know.  :)
Happy Sunday!


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