Random Ramblings: March 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014


Finally I got some ink and was able to print the last few photos I needed to complete this week in my album. YAY for getting caught up.  

I am all organized just need to print the rest up until this week.  

january 19 - january 25

 This is the first time I have ever used an insert within a weekly layout.  But I had so many pictures from my daughters birthday that I wanted to include them.
Above is the regular page without the insert showing and below is with the insert laying down.


SUNDAY : Today was Chloe's 4th birthday.  Daddy brought donuts home this morning on his way home from work.  She loved that and she chose to have a chocolate one.  She opened her gifts from us after she ate.  A horse for her dolls and 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers.  Later that afternoon we went to Chuck E Cheese and grandma and grandpa joined us.  I made Chloe these bright multi colored cupcakes , which she loved.  I can't believe our baby girl is 4 already.  

MONDAY : Yesterday Chloe was starting to not feel so great, and today she is feeling worse. So she layed on the couch and watched tv and napped most of the day.

TUESDAY : We bought another car today.  It is a 1994 Ford Taurus.  It is very clean and nice to have another gas saving car.  

WEDNESDAY : When Chloe asks her daddy for a pet, I can almost always guarantee he is going to go out and get it for her.... Such is the case with our new addition, the turtle.  She named him Jacob.  Chloe has also asked daddy for a cat, a guinea pig, fish and now the turtle.  Will it ever end, I doubt it.  But I do think it is cute.  She is such an animal lover just like her daddy.  :)  

THURSDAY : Before Christmas break little Jacob won the spelling bee for all of the third grade classes in his school.  This brought him to the next round of spelling bees which was against all the winners of every grade in the school from kinder to sixth grades.  He did great and made it through 6 rounds.  He tried his best and that is all that matters.  He was proud of himself, just as proud of daddy and me.  After that I let him pick what he wanted for dinner to celebrate.  He picked Taco Bell, so we drove through and went out to have dinner with daddy at work since they changed the day of the spelling bee last minute and he wasn't able to get the night off.  

FRIDAY : Today we took a little drive up to Crestline to pick up a new and bigger turtle tank.  It was fun to get away for a little bit and enjoy the drive.  Later that day we also went to pick up this puppy for Jacob's mom and dad.  They weren't able to go pick him up, so we took the new car for another drive and went to pick him up.  He is a cutie cocker spaniel. She named him Buddy.   

OTHER : We love homemade chicken Parmesan for dinner.  I served it over angel hair pasta and with some broccoli.  One of our favorite dinners (well mine at least lol)



Sunday, March 30, 2014


I love birthday banners at a party.  To me it is just one of those extra added touches.  
Well recently when my sister in law told me she was starting to plan my nieces 2nd birthday party in Minnie Mouse, I knew I wanted to make her a birthday banner.  

I luckily had a ton of the red and white polka dot paper left over from when we did Chloe's Minnie Mouse birthday party last year.  
I didn't have alot planner, just some maybe ideas in my mind for the banner.  
I did know that I wanted each little flag to be a notched one.  Then I decided that I wanted to alternate the papers between the red and black polka dot and the black.
I debated on spelling out TWO or just the number and I liked the look of the number better than spelling it out.
I did go to Hobby Lobby and buy some red and black glitter paper, because who doesn't love glitter paper right!  

I started by cutting out the notched flags in the black and polka dot papers.  Then I duplicated the design and made it a bit smaller and cut them out again in the smaller size.  This way I could layer them on top of each other, alternating the colors again.  

Then I love rosettes, but until I could cut them with my silhouette, they were just too hard for me to get all teh folds right.  So now, the silhouette just does it all for me, LOVE that.
So I cut some the same exact rosette out from both the black cardstock and red cardstock.  

I hot glued all of the rosettes together.  I find this is the easiest way for me to make sure they really hold together.  I just hold it tight together and squeeze the glue right in the little hole in the middle of the rosette and hold it for a few minutes until I can let go and it holds itself together.  

After the rosettes were cut I cut all the letters for the LILY IS 2.  I cut the letters all from red and black glitter paper.
Then I traced a minnie mouse head with a bow and sized them to fit right on top of the rosettes.  I cut the Minnie Mouse heads from the black glitter paper and the bows from the red and white polka dot paper.

I then also cut a white scalloped circle out and embossed it with large polka dots.   
I also cut out a few swirly designs just incase I wanted to use those too, but I wasn't' for sure about it. 

Now that I had everything cut I started to assemble the banner.  I started with a red and white polka dot notched flag and layered on a smaller black notched flag and just centered it on top.  Then I ripped a small piece of the red and white and glued that down right on the top of the entire notched flag.  So it looked like the red and white polka dot was folded over the black and ripped off.  
I did this for all notched flags in both the colors.  

Then I hot glued the rosettes on each notched flag, alternating colors there as well.  So when the black paper was on top of the flag, I glued on a red rosette and when the red and white polka dot paper was on top I glued on a black rosette.  
Next I hot glued on a white embossed circle on to each rosette.  
I wanted the banner to start with a Minnie Mouse head and have a Minnie Mouse head in between each word too.
I laid out the notched banner flags to figure out which ones would need the Minnie Mouse heads and I glued all of those on too.  I also glued on the bows to the Minnie Mouse heads. 
Then I glued on the letters .  
After that I just randomly glued on some of the swirls, some of which I cut and then just tucked in under some of the rosettes.  Not all the notched flags have the swirl, it was really just random places I glued them to.  

After that I was thinking I wanted to add some twine bows to the Minnie Mouse bow.  Well in my stash I found some super old scrappers floss, and I just happened to have red and white so I made a bunch of those and hot glued them to the Minnie Mouse head bows and added a red button to hold it all together.  

I then added a few more of those floss bows to some of the letters too. 

I then cut a hold in each top corner of the notched flags. I used the scrappers floss to tie each notched flag together.  To add an even more fun touch to it I then made more red and white floss bows and added each one to over the hole and string.  I also added a button to each of those bows and then a rhinestone to the middle of the button.  I did this down the entire banner until each notched flag was attatched making it one long banner.  I added a longer string at each end for easy hanging.  

I added one little fun touch of a red rhinestone mickey head to one of the flags too. I just love those little fun touches.  

I didn't take any picutres along the way so I know it was alot to read there, but I think once you see the banner it will see exactly what I was explaining.  

I hope you enjoy this Minnie Mouse birthday banner. I can't wait to send it up to my brother and sister in law for her party. I am bummed because we can't make it this year to her party, but at least we will be there in spirit and decorations.  :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Come join me on BLOGLOVIN.  

I am new to it, but have seen it all around the blog world, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon too.  :)
It is super easy to sign up and follow all your favorite blogs.  


Friday, March 21, 2014


Going on with my vinyl addiction...  
Not long before we moved from our old house I had made the front door vinyl welcome sticker.  I had wanted to do it forever but just never got around to doing it, then shortly after I got my new silhouette cameo I finally did it.  It looked like this. 
You can read the blog post about it HERE
I loved how it looked on the front door and welcomed everyone that entered our home.
Well then shortly after we ended up moving.  Figures right.
Well I knew that I wanted to do it on our new front door to this house too.  
Our new front door is a dark color so I knew this one I wanted to be white.  I thought I would go with a little bit of a different design this time too.  
So I thought about it for a while and finally I did it a few weeks ago when I was just trying to finish up some other projects.  
Here is the front door as it was when we moved in. 

From these pictures the door looks dirty lol.  You can see my M plague down there on the left and I love that thing. I got it after we moved in at Hobby Lobby on clearance for like $2.50.  I just got an easel on sale for 50% off and it stands right there by the front door.  I love it and I had been eyeballing it several times at Hobby Lobby before I actually bought it.  Thank goodness they still had the M. 

I really did debate even up until the last second of just doing the same design but just in white instead for this front door.  But in the end I ended up going with a scriptier font that I really love.  

This is the front door open as you would see it inside the house if we had the door open.  I really love how it turned out.  

Now it just makes me want to make a wreath for my front door even more so.  But that too I am still undecided about.  I have so many wreath ideas that I just can't decide.  
On a side note : I have plans to sand down and paint that cabinet right there by the door real soon too.  I want to paint it black and add some turquoise knobs to it.  :)  

Now, what else can I vinyl in this house... 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014


At the beginning of the year I really like a comforter I saw in the fingerhut magazine and I really wanted it.  I didn't want to put it on my fingerhut account because I am still paying off a Christmas gift on there.  But I didn't want to dish out the $139.00 plus shipping and then the matching curtains and shower curtain as well.  We are now getting into the $200 plus price range and that is just way more than I want, or am willing to pay.
So I just figured maybe after we got some other stuff paid off  Id start looking around for a new comforter I liked or save up just for the fingerhut comforter.  That is until I got the new Bed Bath and Beyond mail catalog in the mail the other day.  
I quickly flipped through... and stopped as soon as I saw this comforter.  I knew it was THE ONE!!!  The turquoise with the light grey is just so fresh and clean looking, so bright.  We have the new black furniture in our room so I think it will look perfect with that.
Turquoise is mine and Jacob's color right now.  When we moved to this house our living room was just browns with blacks.  Then it all started at Christmas.  We bought new silver and turquoise ornaments for the tree and he said to me that we should add some turquoise to the living room.  Well let me just tell you he didn't have to tell me twice or twist my arm .
So I started adding turquoise to the living room, which I LOVE SO much.  Thanks babe :)
Well now the color just screams at me wherever I go.  I have always loved the color turquoise, but it just seems to really jump out at me all the time now.
So that is exactly what happened when I came across it in the Bed Bath and Beyond catalog.  
I love grey paired with any color lately too, so I know this comforter is just meant to go in our room.

I am already thinking of ideas for our room too, and I don't even have the comforter yet lol.
I am thinking a light grey on all the walls.  Then just turquoise panels for the curtains.  They have matching valances, but sometimes it is too matchy matchy. Then I have Euro pillows on our bed, so I am thinking I will find or make euro pillow shams in a darker shade of grey.  Maybe a turquoise accent pillow or two.  Add some extra large black and white photos to the walls in white frames.  Then in the master bathroom I want to do the same light grey on the walls.  Then get turquoise towels and accent with darker grey.
Oh man I can't wait.  :)

What are you dreaming for right now?


Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello there this Monday morning, ok well it isn't really morning anymore since it is well after 12:00, so good afternoon.
What are your plans for this Monday, St. Patricks day?  Ya we don't really make plans for St. Patricks day either.  But I made the kids a few fun St. Patrick's Day treats and we are having corned beef and potatoes tonight for dinner. 
Since my kiddos are on spring break this week it gave us a little extra time for me to make them some pancakes this morning.  Green pancakes of course.  Just used a mix and added green food coloring. I kept looking at them expecting them to have some sort of mint flavor to them lol.  

With their pancakes and bananas for breakfast I also added a few drops of green food coloring in their milk glasses as well and put green striped straws in them.  

For lunch we didn't have any green food but I made them green milkshakes with a chocolate drizzle over the top. I also added a little sprinkle of green sugar to the top too. 

We had a major fail with the can of whip topping thats for sure.  I shook it and it just came out like milk.  Bummer.  But it was the end of the can so maybe that is why.. who knows.  I just did it to the top of all the cups so they looked the same.  Then I drizzled a little chocolate syrup over that and then sprinkled on the green sugar. 

It wasn't much that we did but the kids enjoyed all their green food and they all wore green too, just so they wouldn't get pinched by each other.    

Now I am going to finish working on my nieces minnie mouse banner.  

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Sunday, March 16, 2014


Today I wanted to pop in and say I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I know some people will debate if the week starts on Sunday or Monday.  To me I always consider Sunday the first day of the week.  We are not doing much today at all. I ran to the grocery store first thing this morning to get that over and done with and now we are doing nothing today.  Jacob made us all breakfast and not a single one of us has showered or even gotten out of our pajamas.  Every now and then we all just need a day like that.
I am currently working on a Minnie Mouse birthday banner for my niece who is turning 2 next month.  Ill share after I finish up with the banner.
But for today I wanted to pop on over and share these adorable little cuties with you.  They are cousins and about 4 weeks apart.  Aren't they just precious.  They sure didn't want to get their picture taken together and gave me quite the work out that day.  They made me work hard that day to get their pictures.  But it is always so worth it in the end when I see the end results.
So here are some of my favorite shots of these precious little girls.


Saturday, March 15, 2014


Recently I saw a cute card on pinterest with the little colorful triangle pennant banner on the top and it inspired me to make this card.  I think once I cleaned off my desk I am much more inspired to actually get some stuff done.
I used my paper studio (Hobby Lobby) celebrate die.  I got in on clearance a few months back for only $2.50.
It was so easy to make.  I just took 2 of the premade blank cards that my mom gave me a while back. I love the bright white and the texture on these cards.  I cut one card apart and embossed it with the celebrate die.  Then I cut it down to size so it was centered right on that piece of paper. I mounted that on some of the pink paper.   
Then I took some green, orange, blue, the same pink and a yellow paper and cut them into a strip.  This is one of my favorite bright color combination. 
I then flag notched them. - please note I don't know what that is really called that is just what I call it lol.

I took some yellow and white twine that I had and cut a long enough piece to go across the card and wrap to the back.  
I took the twine and laid it across the embossed paper and the pink paper and then glued down the flag papers and folded them over the top.  
Then I took a small piece of the same twine and tied it into a bow for and trimmed the legs of the bow.  I then took one of the three legs and taped it to the back of the card.  

Then I took that piece and mounted it with pop dots to the actual card.  

Super quick and easy.  I think I want to make a bunch more of these, maybe in different colors to just have on hand should I need a quick birthday card.  I love having handmade cards on hand .  I need to make more soon, I haven't made a card in so long!  


Thursday, March 13, 2014


 Ok in all fairness I can't really call this a recipe...  There isn't much to it at all and there is no baking or cooking involved at all.  
We all love parfaits in this house, and my kids have a huge love for fruit.  I think this is a perfect snack for any day of the week.  We actually made these on little Jacob's birthday for an after lunch snack that day.  

Super easy.  

** your favorite flavor of yogurt - we got a big tub of vanilla **
** your favorite frozen fruit - we got strawberries sliced in sugar **
** granola - we got ours in the bulk area at Winco and it is the cinnamon raisin kind **

(You can do whatever flavor of yogurt, fruit and even granola you want, the combination possibilities are endless ).  We just grabbed what was our favorite.  

I love these little dessert cups that I have had for years and years.  I think I got them when my dad passed away maybe?  Either way I love them for things just like this.  They aren't too big and not too small either.  

Now you just layer everything together.  

Layer like this

It was a perfect little snack for the afternoon.
I can only imagine all the possibilities of combinations that you could create for these. 
I think next time I might try raspberries.  This is making my mouth water just typing this up and looking at that yummy picture.
Some people may not like the raisins in there, but I like the added little surprise and mixed in with the yogurt they are super yummy!

I love that my kids love this kind of thing for snack.  It is so much better than junk and it is super inexpensive to make in large amounts too.  

What is your favorite fruit and yogurt combination?  


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


With all my good efforts I did happen to get behind on my project life album.  We had some life things going on, which happens...  
So finally this past weekend I was able to get caught up a little.  
I write out all the photos for each week that I need to print so I know what size I need to print them at.  So I have all those written out from week 3 to this current week. 
I was able to get week 3 photos printed and into my album.  YAY!  I even got all the journaling done and added to this week as well.
Hopefully I am well on my way to getting caught up and back on track now.  

january 12 - january 18



Ramblings from week 3 :

SUNDAY : We went to church this morning.  The kids acting all goofy before we left.  We went to my parents church today.  In the evening daddy gave the boys much needed hair cuts.  

MONDAY : Back to School after Christmas break.  The boys had off 3 weeks and a few days.  They were excited and not excited to be going back.  

Hand me downs!  YAY.. More of them actually.  Lately we have been getting tons of hand me downs for miss Chloe and I LOVE hand me downs.  Thank you everyone who saves their children and grandchildren clothes for us.  

Before the Christmas break we ordered this book for Caleb.  Everyone in his class wrote a story about 'How to Save the Earth' and then the teacher sends the stories and drawings to a company and we can order the book.  It is a hard cover book and has all the kids stories.  I love this kind of thing.  It was only about $20.00 and this week they got the book delivered to them at school.  

I completed two home projects this week too.  I made the wall piece which I LOVE LOVE LOVE so much.  I also go the welcome sign on the front door that I have wanted to do since we moved here in May. 

FRIDAY : Chloe's birthday is on Sunday so I made these cute little treat bags for all the kids in her dance class. I figured a cupcake was too messy so I just bagged up an iced sugar cookie.  She wanted to hand out treats like brothers get to at school.  It was cute all the girls sang to her in the class.  

Now I hope to get some of my others weeks printed and added to my album within the next few days.  


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today I wanted to share this fun flower arrangement with you.  Looks like a normal flower arrangement right?  Well sort of except all of it is made out of paper.  I created all the flowers and leaves from paper.  

I just wanted to play with some paper and make something crafty.  Sometimes it is just fun to sit and play, you know.  
So I just went through my paper stash and pulled out some papers in pinks and tans and the greens for the leaves.  

I went through my Silhouette online store to find all the lovely 3d flower shapes they have.  All of the flowers I used I already had in my silhouette library.  
I cut out each flower and while the next flower was cutting out I was working on the previously cut flower.  I cut all the leaves last.  

The first thing I did to each flower and leave was ink the edges of everything.  It isn't anything bold and drastic, but enough to add a little flair to the pedals of the flowers and the leaves. You can notice it a lot on the cream flowers and the brown ink I used.  Here on this pink flower you can notice it just a bit.  Exactly the look I was going for.  

After the inking I took a nifty tool also known as my pencil and curled the edged of the flower.  This is really simple, but be careful not to rip off any of the pedals.
With my left hand I held the flower at the base of each pedal while with my right hand I had my thumb on the pencil and rolled it up towards the top of the pedal.  I didn't use a ton of force but enough that it curled the pedal.  I did this all the way around the flower.  I also did it to all the leaves as well.

Next I put the biggest two layers together.  I off set them so that they were not lined up exaclty, but rather the top flower is rotated slightly from the bottom flower.  Here you can also see how the curling of those pedals give them a little more real life feel to them.  

Then I took the next two flower pedals and attached them together.  So you will have to put together flowers, One set a bit smaller than the other.  

Then to attatch those together I used pop dots to add some dimension to the flowers and not lay so flat together.   I put the pop dots on the smaller flower and added that right in the middle of the larger set, off setting those as well.  

The entire time I was working on these flowers I was thinking to myself what I am going to use to make them look like they have stems like real flowers.  It didn't take me long to find these wood dowels in my craft supplies.  So I took these out to my saw and cut them at random sizes some tall and some shorter.  I never like to measure, so I just put on on the saw and cut, then the next one I would do a little shorter. I figured I would just work with whatever sizes I ended up with. 

I thought about wrapping a small piece of the green paper around each one to make it green like a flower stem, but then I didn't have much of the green color left and I thought that would be alot of work as well.  So I used the same ink that I inked the edges of my cut out leaves with and just rubbed it all over the sticks.  PERFECT.  It doesn't cover it exactly but lets some of the natural wood color show through but to me this makes it look more like a real stem anyways.  

This is how they came out.  In the end I wasn't too terribly worried as much about the stems since I realized that you really weren't going to see them once it was all put together.  

After that I took my hot glue gun and glued all the sticks to the back of the flowers (you can see here I didn't go all the way to the top of the stick with the green ink).  I put my biggest flower on the tallest stick and the smallest flower on the shortest stick.  I set them all aside to let dry while I worked on getting all the sticks glued to the flowers.  

After they were dry I got out a small mason jar I had on hand in the kitchen cabinet.  I tore up some dark brown paper and sprayed it with some water and squished it into a ball .  Then I put a few pieces like this in the bottom of the mason jar.  I then took each flower and played around with the placement of the flowers in the mason jar.  Once I kind of had a good idea of where I wanted everything I glued those each in as well.  I just put a bloop of hot glue on the bottom of the stick and put it in right away, held it there for a few seconds until the glue set and then it stayed exactly where I wanted it to. 
I did all of the flowers first.  
Here are all the flowers glued into the jar.  

Then I took all the leaves and laid them out on the floor.  In no particular order or plan in mind I just grabbed one and placed it here or there and once I liked it I hot glued it in place.  Some leaves are hot glued to the back of flowers, some to the jar itself, some to the sticks.  Whatever worked to get them to stay where I wanted them.  
Here you can see to one flower I added a button as well.  Just something fun.  

I then took a few tiny thin strips of dark brown paper and curled them with my scissors, just like you would do with that curly ribbon stuff on presents.  You have to keep curling a few times to get a good curl to it.  I then glued those in a few random places too.  

That was it.  I then tied a matching piece of ribbon to the jar as a finishing touch.  

I started this on Thursday afternoon and finished it on Saturday.  I didn't only work on it I just worked on it as I had time here and there.
This turned out so much better than I even had envisioned in my own mind.
I can't wait to make another one now.  :)