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Saturday, March 15, 2014


Recently I saw a cute card on pinterest with the little colorful triangle pennant banner on the top and it inspired me to make this card.  I think once I cleaned off my desk I am much more inspired to actually get some stuff done.
I used my paper studio (Hobby Lobby) celebrate die.  I got in on clearance a few months back for only $2.50.
It was so easy to make.  I just took 2 of the premade blank cards that my mom gave me a while back. I love the bright white and the texture on these cards.  I cut one card apart and embossed it with the celebrate die.  Then I cut it down to size so it was centered right on that piece of paper. I mounted that on some of the pink paper.   
Then I took some green, orange, blue, the same pink and a yellow paper and cut them into a strip.  This is one of my favorite bright color combination. 
I then flag notched them. - please note I don't know what that is really called that is just what I call it lol.

I took some yellow and white twine that I had and cut a long enough piece to go across the card and wrap to the back.  
I took the twine and laid it across the embossed paper and the pink paper and then glued down the flag papers and folded them over the top.  
Then I took a small piece of the same twine and tied it into a bow for and trimmed the legs of the bow.  I then took one of the three legs and taped it to the back of the card.  

Then I took that piece and mounted it with pop dots to the actual card.  

Super quick and easy.  I think I want to make a bunch more of these, maybe in different colors to just have on hand should I need a quick birthday card.  I love having handmade cards on hand .  I need to make more soon, I haven't made a card in so long!  


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