Sunday, March 2, 2014


I wanted to pop on over here this morning and share a super quick and easy way to make homemade donuts.  My mother in law showed me how to make them this way many many years ago.  All you need is oil for frying, and a can of biscuits.  Yep just a can of biscuits.  
Sometimes I use the small can of biscuits (as in small I mean the biscuits are really small, and the can only costs about .50 cents)
But this time we had some of the big normal sized biscuits on hand so that is what I decided to use. 

The very first thing we did was get our donut toppings ready.  This time we did a cinnamon and sugar mixture, and some good ol powdered sugar.  You can even warm some icing, use sprinkles, make a powdered sugar drizzle.... anything your heart desires for the top of your donut.  

I just put them in a bowl for easy dipping once the donuts came out of the oil.  

Get out the can of biscuits and separate them all.  Now we did a few different things here.  We made donuts holes, mini donuts and regular sized donuts.  For the donut holes and the mini donuts I took one regular raw donut and cut it into four sections.  
For the donut holes, I took each of those sections and rolled it up into a ball.  For the mini donuts I just rolled it into a ball and flattened it and stuck my finger through the middle to make it look like an actual donut.  
I did this exact same thing for the larger donuts as well, except I didn't have to roll it into a ball, I just stuck my finger through the middle and worked out a  bigger hole.  

While I was doing this I had been preheating my oil in a pan.
My suggestion is to make sure you have all your biscuits ready to go before you start this entire frying process.  They do not need very long at all to cook so if you are trying to cut and roll at the same time your oil can burn, or you can burn your donuts if you aren't right there next to them while they cook.

 They do cook very fast so be close and keep a close eye on them.  Flip them once the bottom side starts to turn a golden brown.  
Flip them and then once they are done, take them out and place on a paper towel to quickly absorb any extra oil.  
Then take your warm donut (be careful because they are still super hot actually ) and dip them in your toppings.  

Then once they cool so you can pick them up without burning yourself, dig in.  The kids LOVED these.  It has been many years since I made these for them, so it was almost like a  brand new idea all over again.
I think next time for sure I am going to heat up some chocolate icing and dip in sprinkles, because my kids love donuts with sprinkles.  ( Don't sprinkles just make sweets take a little bit better :)  )

The middles are so light and fluffy on these, not heavy like a cake donut.  
Yum.. Go enjoy some yourself.  


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