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Monday, March 3, 2014


The other day Jacob and I left to run some errands and some how I ended up leaving my cell phone on the dresser.  I realized after we were long gone from the house.  It was a strange feeling.  I know I am very depended on that little iPhone, more than I ever thought I would be.  A sign of the times that is for sure.  I depend on that for anyone who needs to get a hold of me, emails, anytime I need to get ahold of someone, we use it as home phone, I can access social media with the touch of a finger, SO many things.  
Well leaving it at home was in deed a strange feeling.  I felt anxious that I left it but a kind of calmness about it too.  Calmness in knowing that I couldn't and wouldn't be constantly looking at my phone for one reason or another.  But anxious in worrying what if I missed a phone call, or the kids school called and needed to get a hold of me for some reason.  I think sometimes just the fact that it is right there by my side all the time causes me to just check it more than I realize.  
Well today I thought I would share some of my favorite apps that I have on my phone.  I always find it fun and interesting to see what kind of apps people have on their phones.

So I thought it would be fun to just show you my actual screens.  Here is my home screen.  This has my most used apps.  I have my emails, which again needs to be sorted, the clock which I use mainly for my alarm clock each morning.  My chase bank app, then I can stay on top of our bank account and if I have any notifications I see it right away.  I have a folder for my social media which includes : facebook, pinterest and instagram.  My camera, photos and photo editing apps.  Which I might stick all those in one folder together too.  A folder called productivity, which has in it my flashlight, which I surprisingly use very often. My yellow pages, facetime which I rarely use, the calculator which I use almost daily, the dictionary app which little Jacob uses to do his spelling homework with and I keep my contacts in there as well.  I have a small folder for my games, which is candy crush, 4 pictures 1 word, and 8 ball pool.  I have the blogger app so I can blog from my phone, which I have done once or twice before.  I have the timehop app, which I love so much.  I also have our car insurance app on here, it has our car insurance cards right there if we needed an extra, it reminds me of payments and such  - very convenient app.  

After the first screen it is alot of kid stuff lol.  The kids do play on my phone a lot.  Not nearly as much now since they got their own tablets for Christmas, but still they do sometimes.  Alot more Chloe apps than anything else.  She loves the Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse matching games, and strawberry shortcake dress up.  All the kids love the doodling app.  They all love Hill Climb and Angry Birds. The boys love the Fast and the Furious car race game and I think Chloe put on Ski ball.  Etsy is mine, which got lost among the kids games.  You tube was put on by the boys, because they are you tube obsessed lol.  They love watching videos of anything and everything.  Solitaire is actually mine as well, although Chloe started to play recently lol.  Zedge is a fun app that has all kinds of picuteres with quotes and fun stuff.  The cinemark app we downloaded the last time we went to the movies.  If you use the app and turn your phone onto movie mode you can earn free stuff each time you go.  
I think one of the best apps EVER is the Watch Disney Junior app.  I don't know if it is only an iphone app, because I couldn't find it for the kids android tablets.  Chloe can watch some episodes of her favorite disney shows.  This is by far her most used app on my phone.  If you have one of the tv providers listed you can also put in your information and have a bigger selection of episodes to choose from.  LOVE this app so much.   

This is not a used often page.  Just some random junk on there lol.  I don't play the clue word game anymore, nor do I play the words with friends very often anymore either.  The game center, I have no clue what games there are.  Chloe put the Jack and the Neverland pirates app on there, its videos and games.  Dots is a fun game, but I never play.  The phone tracker can track your phone if you loose it, so I can track Jacobs phone and he can track mine.  Cool if you loose it.  Just have to make sure the app is turned on lol.  Costco, which is cool for uploading iphone pictures to have printed, and seeing their sales.  The IMDb app is for movie reviews and such.  I often forget what movies are about one we put them in so it helps me look it up.  The spin to Win app is a coupon for Kirklands, which I rarely ever shop at lol and a horoscope app which I never use.  
I think this shows me it is time to clean up my phone apps lol.  

This page is not very often used.  It has a coupon folder for Target cartwheel, papa johns and ibotta.  Then an apps folder for my iphone app store, apps gone free and emoticons app.  Then my craftiness app as I call it for my store apps for Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Michaels.  Utilities is just my settings, voice record, maps, square for accepting credit cards, notes, reminders, lists and an old wells fargo account app, which does need to be removed and the compass.  It has a music folder and a books folder, which has my bible app in it and an ibook reader.  I never use the newstand that comes with the phone and can't be removed.  

I put the stocks in a folder with passbook and just added it to the last page so that I can pretty much have a full picture of my kiddos on my phone.  :)

What are some of your favorite apps on your phone? 
 Remember back in the times when phones people were not so reliant on phones and apps? I do.   I think if it is such a technology world now, I can only imagine when my kids are grown and their kids.  I try to even imagine how advanced technology will be then.  Then it will be my generation saying "I remember when the iphone 4 came out and we listened to music right on our phones and before that we would buy CD's which are these little round disks that held music"...  
Oh the stories our grandchildren and great grandchildren will hear. 


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