Sunday, March 30, 2014


I love birthday banners at a party.  To me it is just one of those extra added touches.  
Well recently when my sister in law told me she was starting to plan my nieces 2nd birthday party in Minnie Mouse, I knew I wanted to make her a birthday banner.  

I luckily had a ton of the red and white polka dot paper left over from when we did Chloe's Minnie Mouse birthday party last year.  
I didn't have alot planner, just some maybe ideas in my mind for the banner.  
I did know that I wanted each little flag to be a notched one.  Then I decided that I wanted to alternate the papers between the red and black polka dot and the black.
I debated on spelling out TWO or just the number and I liked the look of the number better than spelling it out.
I did go to Hobby Lobby and buy some red and black glitter paper, because who doesn't love glitter paper right!  

I started by cutting out the notched flags in the black and polka dot papers.  Then I duplicated the design and made it a bit smaller and cut them out again in the smaller size.  This way I could layer them on top of each other, alternating the colors again.  

Then I love rosettes, but until I could cut them with my silhouette, they were just too hard for me to get all teh folds right.  So now, the silhouette just does it all for me, LOVE that.
So I cut some the same exact rosette out from both the black cardstock and red cardstock.  

I hot glued all of the rosettes together.  I find this is the easiest way for me to make sure they really hold together.  I just hold it tight together and squeeze the glue right in the little hole in the middle of the rosette and hold it for a few minutes until I can let go and it holds itself together.  

After the rosettes were cut I cut all the letters for the LILY IS 2.  I cut the letters all from red and black glitter paper.
Then I traced a minnie mouse head with a bow and sized them to fit right on top of the rosettes.  I cut the Minnie Mouse heads from the black glitter paper and the bows from the red and white polka dot paper.

I then also cut a white scalloped circle out and embossed it with large polka dots.   
I also cut out a few swirly designs just incase I wanted to use those too, but I wasn't' for sure about it. 

Now that I had everything cut I started to assemble the banner.  I started with a red and white polka dot notched flag and layered on a smaller black notched flag and just centered it on top.  Then I ripped a small piece of the red and white and glued that down right on the top of the entire notched flag.  So it looked like the red and white polka dot was folded over the black and ripped off.  
I did this for all notched flags in both the colors.  

Then I hot glued the rosettes on each notched flag, alternating colors there as well.  So when the black paper was on top of the flag, I glued on a red rosette and when the red and white polka dot paper was on top I glued on a black rosette.  
Next I hot glued on a white embossed circle on to each rosette.  
I wanted the banner to start with a Minnie Mouse head and have a Minnie Mouse head in between each word too.
I laid out the notched banner flags to figure out which ones would need the Minnie Mouse heads and I glued all of those on too.  I also glued on the bows to the Minnie Mouse heads. 
Then I glued on the letters .  
After that I just randomly glued on some of the swirls, some of which I cut and then just tucked in under some of the rosettes.  Not all the notched flags have the swirl, it was really just random places I glued them to.  

After that I was thinking I wanted to add some twine bows to the Minnie Mouse bow.  Well in my stash I found some super old scrappers floss, and I just happened to have red and white so I made a bunch of those and hot glued them to the Minnie Mouse head bows and added a red button to hold it all together.  

I then added a few more of those floss bows to some of the letters too. 

I then cut a hold in each top corner of the notched flags. I used the scrappers floss to tie each notched flag together.  To add an even more fun touch to it I then made more red and white floss bows and added each one to over the hole and string.  I also added a button to each of those bows and then a rhinestone to the middle of the button.  I did this down the entire banner until each notched flag was attatched making it one long banner.  I added a longer string at each end for easy hanging.  

I added one little fun touch of a red rhinestone mickey head to one of the flags too. I just love those little fun touches.  

I didn't take any picutres along the way so I know it was alot to read there, but I think once you see the banner it will see exactly what I was explaining.  

I hope you enjoy this Minnie Mouse birthday banner. I can't wait to send it up to my brother and sister in law for her party. I am bummed because we can't make it this year to her party, but at least we will be there in spirit and decorations.  :)


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