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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


At the beginning of the year I really like a comforter I saw in the fingerhut magazine and I really wanted it.  I didn't want to put it on my fingerhut account because I am still paying off a Christmas gift on there.  But I didn't want to dish out the $139.00 plus shipping and then the matching curtains and shower curtain as well.  We are now getting into the $200 plus price range and that is just way more than I want, or am willing to pay.
So I just figured maybe after we got some other stuff paid off  Id start looking around for a new comforter I liked or save up just for the fingerhut comforter.  That is until I got the new Bed Bath and Beyond mail catalog in the mail the other day.  
I quickly flipped through... and stopped as soon as I saw this comforter.  I knew it was THE ONE!!!  The turquoise with the light grey is just so fresh and clean looking, so bright.  We have the new black furniture in our room so I think it will look perfect with that.
Turquoise is mine and Jacob's color right now.  When we moved to this house our living room was just browns with blacks.  Then it all started at Christmas.  We bought new silver and turquoise ornaments for the tree and he said to me that we should add some turquoise to the living room.  Well let me just tell you he didn't have to tell me twice or twist my arm .
So I started adding turquoise to the living room, which I LOVE SO much.  Thanks babe :)
Well now the color just screams at me wherever I go.  I have always loved the color turquoise, but it just seems to really jump out at me all the time now.
So that is exactly what happened when I came across it in the Bed Bath and Beyond catalog.  
I love grey paired with any color lately too, so I know this comforter is just meant to go in our room.

I am already thinking of ideas for our room too, and I don't even have the comforter yet lol.
I am thinking a light grey on all the walls.  Then just turquoise panels for the curtains.  They have matching valances, but sometimes it is too matchy matchy. Then I have Euro pillows on our bed, so I am thinking I will find or make euro pillow shams in a darker shade of grey.  Maybe a turquoise accent pillow or two.  Add some extra large black and white photos to the walls in white frames.  Then in the master bathroom I want to do the same light grey on the walls.  Then get turquoise towels and accent with darker grey.
Oh man I can't wait.  :)

What are you dreaming for right now?


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