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Saturday, March 8, 2014


I love when my clients become friends.  I love being able to say I have captured so many moments in a couples lives through the lens of my camera.
It all started a few years back and I would go into the grocery store so much (mostly daily) and the girls started to know us by name.  Caleb would call Rosana his girlfriend and we would chit chat every time I was in there.  Then she got engaged and asked me to do their engagment pictures, then their Christmas pictures that year, then I was honored to photograph their wedding.  I did their Christmas pictures again this past year, and just recently I got to do their maternity pictures. It is so exciting to me as I have seen Rosana and Adam grow as a couple and a family.  
We did their maternity pictures in two sets.  We did some wilderness woodsy ones and some more elegant ones at an old train station with some beautiful brick walls.  

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite shots with you... well a few might not really be the right word to use, becuase they all seem to be my favorite.  :)

Now I can't wait to be able to photograph their new baby girl.  I also LOVE the name they chose... it just happens to be Chloe.  :)  

If you are local and would like to set up a photo session you can email me at nicolemantoothphotography@yahoo.com.
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I need to get back on the ball of  blogging on my photography blog, but bad shame on me I forgot my login information..oops!
Congratulations again Rosana and Adam, I can't wait to meet your baby girl.  


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