Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today I wanted to share this fun flower arrangement with you.  Looks like a normal flower arrangement right?  Well sort of except all of it is made out of paper.  I created all the flowers and leaves from paper.  

I just wanted to play with some paper and make something crafty.  Sometimes it is just fun to sit and play, you know.  
So I just went through my paper stash and pulled out some papers in pinks and tans and the greens for the leaves.  

I went through my Silhouette online store to find all the lovely 3d flower shapes they have.  All of the flowers I used I already had in my silhouette library.  
I cut out each flower and while the next flower was cutting out I was working on the previously cut flower.  I cut all the leaves last.  

The first thing I did to each flower and leave was ink the edges of everything.  It isn't anything bold and drastic, but enough to add a little flair to the pedals of the flowers and the leaves. You can notice it a lot on the cream flowers and the brown ink I used.  Here on this pink flower you can notice it just a bit.  Exactly the look I was going for.  

After the inking I took a nifty tool also known as my pencil and curled the edged of the flower.  This is really simple, but be careful not to rip off any of the pedals.
With my left hand I held the flower at the base of each pedal while with my right hand I had my thumb on the pencil and rolled it up towards the top of the pedal.  I didn't use a ton of force but enough that it curled the pedal.  I did this all the way around the flower.  I also did it to all the leaves as well.

Next I put the biggest two layers together.  I off set them so that they were not lined up exaclty, but rather the top flower is rotated slightly from the bottom flower.  Here you can also see how the curling of those pedals give them a little more real life feel to them.  

Then I took the next two flower pedals and attached them together.  So you will have to put together flowers, One set a bit smaller than the other.  

Then to attatch those together I used pop dots to add some dimension to the flowers and not lay so flat together.   I put the pop dots on the smaller flower and added that right in the middle of the larger set, off setting those as well.  

The entire time I was working on these flowers I was thinking to myself what I am going to use to make them look like they have stems like real flowers.  It didn't take me long to find these wood dowels in my craft supplies.  So I took these out to my saw and cut them at random sizes some tall and some shorter.  I never like to measure, so I just put on on the saw and cut, then the next one I would do a little shorter. I figured I would just work with whatever sizes I ended up with. 

I thought about wrapping a small piece of the green paper around each one to make it green like a flower stem, but then I didn't have much of the green color left and I thought that would be alot of work as well.  So I used the same ink that I inked the edges of my cut out leaves with and just rubbed it all over the sticks.  PERFECT.  It doesn't cover it exactly but lets some of the natural wood color show through but to me this makes it look more like a real stem anyways.  

This is how they came out.  In the end I wasn't too terribly worried as much about the stems since I realized that you really weren't going to see them once it was all put together.  

After that I took my hot glue gun and glued all the sticks to the back of the flowers (you can see here I didn't go all the way to the top of the stick with the green ink).  I put my biggest flower on the tallest stick and the smallest flower on the shortest stick.  I set them all aside to let dry while I worked on getting all the sticks glued to the flowers.  

After they were dry I got out a small mason jar I had on hand in the kitchen cabinet.  I tore up some dark brown paper and sprayed it with some water and squished it into a ball .  Then I put a few pieces like this in the bottom of the mason jar.  I then took each flower and played around with the placement of the flowers in the mason jar.  Once I kind of had a good idea of where I wanted everything I glued those each in as well.  I just put a bloop of hot glue on the bottom of the stick and put it in right away, held it there for a few seconds until the glue set and then it stayed exactly where I wanted it to. 
I did all of the flowers first.  
Here are all the flowers glued into the jar.  

Then I took all the leaves and laid them out on the floor.  In no particular order or plan in mind I just grabbed one and placed it here or there and once I liked it I hot glued it in place.  Some leaves are hot glued to the back of flowers, some to the jar itself, some to the sticks.  Whatever worked to get them to stay where I wanted them.  
Here you can see to one flower I added a button as well.  Just something fun.  

I then took a few tiny thin strips of dark brown paper and curled them with my scissors, just like you would do with that curly ribbon stuff on presents.  You have to keep curling a few times to get a good curl to it.  I then glued those in a few random places too.  

That was it.  I then tied a matching piece of ribbon to the jar as a finishing touch.  

I started this on Thursday afternoon and finished it on Saturday.  I didn't only work on it I just worked on it as I had time here and there.
This turned out so much better than I even had envisioned in my own mind.
I can't wait to make another one now.  :)



  1. Did you use anything on the leaves to stiffen them.

    1. No I just curled the leaves like I did on the flowers, then glued them in place. :)

  2. Beautiful floral arrangement. Thanks for all the directions.

  3. All these gorgeous petals are from @summerpetals and I don't really know if it's just sharing the same spot or a collaboration but these beauties are for sale flower arrangement