Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE : WEEK 3

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


With all my good efforts I did happen to get behind on my project life album.  We had some life things going on, which happens...  
So finally this past weekend I was able to get caught up a little.  
I write out all the photos for each week that I need to print so I know what size I need to print them at.  So I have all those written out from week 3 to this current week. 
I was able to get week 3 photos printed and into my album.  YAY!  I even got all the journaling done and added to this week as well.
Hopefully I am well on my way to getting caught up and back on track now.  

january 12 - january 18



Ramblings from week 3 :

SUNDAY : We went to church this morning.  The kids acting all goofy before we left.  We went to my parents church today.  In the evening daddy gave the boys much needed hair cuts.  

MONDAY : Back to School after Christmas break.  The boys had off 3 weeks and a few days.  They were excited and not excited to be going back.  

Hand me downs!  YAY.. More of them actually.  Lately we have been getting tons of hand me downs for miss Chloe and I LOVE hand me downs.  Thank you everyone who saves their children and grandchildren clothes for us.  

Before the Christmas break we ordered this book for Caleb.  Everyone in his class wrote a story about 'How to Save the Earth' and then the teacher sends the stories and drawings to a company and we can order the book.  It is a hard cover book and has all the kids stories.  I love this kind of thing.  It was only about $20.00 and this week they got the book delivered to them at school.  

I completed two home projects this week too.  I made the wall piece which I LOVE LOVE LOVE so much.  I also go the welcome sign on the front door that I have wanted to do since we moved here in May. 

FRIDAY : Chloe's birthday is on Sunday so I made these cute little treat bags for all the kids in her dance class. I figured a cupcake was too messy so I just bagged up an iced sugar cookie.  She wanted to hand out treats like brothers get to at school.  It was cute all the girls sang to her in the class.  

Now I hope to get some of my others weeks printed and added to my album within the next few days.  


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