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Friday, March 21, 2014


Going on with my vinyl addiction...  
Not long before we moved from our old house I had made the front door vinyl welcome sticker.  I had wanted to do it forever but just never got around to doing it, then shortly after I got my new silhouette cameo I finally did it.  It looked like this. 
You can read the blog post about it HERE
I loved how it looked on the front door and welcomed everyone that entered our home.
Well then shortly after we ended up moving.  Figures right.
Well I knew that I wanted to do it on our new front door to this house too.  
Our new front door is a dark color so I knew this one I wanted to be white.  I thought I would go with a little bit of a different design this time too.  
So I thought about it for a while and finally I did it a few weeks ago when I was just trying to finish up some other projects.  
Here is the front door as it was when we moved in. 

From these pictures the door looks dirty lol.  You can see my M plague down there on the left and I love that thing. I got it after we moved in at Hobby Lobby on clearance for like $2.50.  I just got an easel on sale for 50% off and it stands right there by the front door.  I love it and I had been eyeballing it several times at Hobby Lobby before I actually bought it.  Thank goodness they still had the M. 

I really did debate even up until the last second of just doing the same design but just in white instead for this front door.  But in the end I ended up going with a scriptier font that I really love.  

This is the front door open as you would see it inside the house if we had the door open.  I really love how it turned out.  

Now it just makes me want to make a wreath for my front door even more so.  But that too I am still undecided about.  I have so many wreath ideas that I just can't decide.  
On a side note : I have plans to sand down and paint that cabinet right there by the door real soon too.  I want to paint it black and add some turquoise knobs to it.  :)  

Now, what else can I vinyl in this house... 


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