Friday, April 25, 2014


Last May my step dad wanted to throw my mom a surprise party for her 60th birthday.  So he put me in charge of somethings and one of them was the invitations.  
I wanted something shiny and sparkly.
These came out exactly like I wanted and were super easy to make.
First I drew a rectangle in my SILHOUETTE STUDIO SOFTWARE and then drew the 60.  I placed the 60 on top of the rectangle and then welded them together.  So this way it would cut out on the black as one complete piece.  Then I cut the 60 out by it self from the gold glittery paper and glued them on top of the black 60.  I offset it a bit to give it a shadow effect.
I then cut down and piece of gold and centered that in the middle of the black rectangle.
I created the card info in my word program and printed that on vellum.
I cut the vellum down to size and only glued in on a small spot towards the top of the card.  I then tied a bow in some black ribbon and glued that down right on top of where I glued down the vellum.

( note : I did blur out some information that I didn't want to share over the internet in these photos )

They were easy and quick to make and I loved how they turned out.  


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