Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Jacob and Caleb have folders for school that are filled with clear page protectors and they can practice on them with a dry erase marker.  I thought that was a pretty great idea.  Saves on so many wasted sheets of paper for the kids to practice on.
So the other day Chloe was playing with the blank photo book.  You know the kind that holds a bunch of 4x6 photos and you could carry it around in your purse if you wanted to.  It isn't huge and bulky but not super tiny either.  
My mom got the kids each one in a different color for Christmas to go along with their cameras.
They are still all empty.
So when she was playing with it, for some reason a brilliant idea came to my mind.
Why not make Chloe a little book to practice in too.  She LOVES to write on her dry erase board I made her with the markers.  With this, she could take it places with us too.. which she also loves to do.
So in photoshop I just created all these pages to look like it had notebook paper on it and then capital and lower case letters for her to trace.  
I found the tracing letters as a font HERE.  ( I think that is the one I downloaded - but if not just google tracing fonts and you will get a bunch of links )

I just went through and made a page for every letter of the alphabet, then numbers 0-9 and since there was still a page left over I did her name too.  
Then I printed them out on photo paper in a 4x6 size and just started filling the book.  
She LOVES this and calls it her homework.  
It is a perfect little activity to take in the car with us or just for her to sit at the table and work on.  She is getting really good with tracing the letters.  


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