Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I know St. Patrick's Day was a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to share this project that Caleb and I worked on together as a school assignment he had.  

Caleb's 1st grade class has had several home projects that he has to work on and turn in on a certain day.  This month his project was to make a mini shoe box sized float in a St. Patrick's Day theme.  
Caleb and I discussed his float for a while until we got started on it.  We talked about some ideas we wanted to try for it, what he wanted, I made some suggestions and we came up with a general plan.  

We had the shoe box at home so we were good there.  
Then one day when I was at Target we picked up the green tissue paper for the grass area.  
We headed to the dollar store and found the salsa bowl which we used as the pot of gold.  We went there looking for gold coins , but instead they had green and he liked them so we went with the green.
I also found this window hanging that had all the shamrocks on it and the glittery Happy St. Patrick's day so we picked that up too, We figured we would see if we could use it in some way.  

When we started on the mini float first I showed Caleb how to put the cut up piece of tissue paper on the end of a pencil and dip it in some glue and put it down on the box.  Well he started out doing this, but it was taking FOREVER, so we started ripping chunks of the tissue paper and scrunching them up and gluing them down.  I started helping him with this part since it had been taking him days to do it the other way.  He was working on it a bit each night after his homework.
So we did the top and all 4 sides of the box.  I think we ended up liking this look better than our first original idea.  
 Next I cut out the shamrocks from the window hanging and the Happy St. Patricks Day saying.  We still weren't sure what we were going to do with these.  But knew we could figure out something easier if they were individual shapes and not one large square thing.  
Then I cut out the rainbow using my Silhouette Cameo .  I just sized it and then cut each color out with some patterned paper.  I glued it onto some chipboard and just trimmed around the edges to make it sturdy for the mini float.  
I also used my silhouette to cut out all the parts for the adorable mr Leprechaun too.  Caleb helped me with all those by loading and unloading the cutting mat for each cut we made.  He also helped me pick out which papers we would use for the rainbow and leprechaun.  
I did the same thing for the leprechaun that I did for the rainbow. I glued him onto some chipboard and cut around the edges to make him sturdy. 

After all our cuts were made and put together we went to work on the actual float itself.  
We first figured out where we wanted to put everything and then I got out my trusty hot glue gun to hold it all in place.  We didn't want anything to move since he was going to have to carry it to school.  

When we glued down the rainbow we then used cotton balls as the cloud on one side of the rainbow.  This was my idea and Caleb loved that idea.  :)
We had the other end of the rainbow coming from the pot of green gold.  We also hot glued every single green coin into the salsa bowl/pot of gold. 
We had the leprechaun holding onto the rainbow with a gold coin in his hand. We randomly placed the shamrocks around so it looked like he was standing in a field of shamrocks in a rainbow field.  The last thing we did was glue the Happy St. Patricks Day saying to the very front of the float.
All in all this I would say was a job well done.  I always have fun when I can help the kids make something crafty for school.  
On the Friday before St. Patricks Day was the day it was due.  (they were on Spring Break the week of St. Patrick's Day).  His teacher invited all the parents to come to class that morning so we could view all of the floats everyone made.  They all looked so good.  Some even had wheels like a real float would. What a great idea! 

Here he is in class that morning (It was also picture day and free dress day because of that, so no uniforms that day).  
Our handsome little guy was so proud of his float.  


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