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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Not too long ago we had to run to the dollar store to pick up something.  I don't even remember what it was.  But while we were there Chloe found these zebra cat bowls and wanted them for our cat.  So I got two of them.
The kids know me so well and one of them said, "Oh mom we could add the cats name to her bowls".  Um OK you don't have to say that to me twice.  :)
So we came home and it got late and the boys went to bed.  But Chloe was insisted that we needed to finish the cat bowls that night.  
So I found some hot pink SILHOUETTE VINYL .  I didn't have a huge piece left but I knew it would be enough for her name on both bowls.
When I typed up her name I thought it would be cute to add a paw print next to her name.
Which then made me think it would be super cute to add a big paw print to the inside of each bowl.
So I cut out her name with a small paw print to go on the outside rim, and then a big one for the inside.
I just placed the letters on the rim like they were stickers.
But I used transfer paper for the small and big paw prints so that I could make sure it all lined up the right way.  
I made them both look exactly the same and we just add water to one and food to the other.

I think the cat likes having bowls a little bigger so she has more water and now the neighborhood cats like to come eat her food (UGH).

The original bowls.

Once we added her name to the bowls with the paw prints.  

I didn't line them up exactly the same, because I just thought it was more fun that way.  Not that Fiona the cat could give a care one way or the other.  

Have you gone to altering anything for your pets?


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