Friday, May 23, 2014


Happy Friday to you.  Today is the first official day of summer vacation for our boys.  I can't even believe how fast this school year seemed to go by.  They go back on July 10 so they have several weeks to enjoy a laid back bed time routine and we can enjoy some family time.  We have a summer  bucket list I have been writing down some ideas of fun stuff to do over the summer, some are free even.
Ill go more into our summer plans later, but for now I want to share our new cookie jar.
Well I actually called it the "SWEETS AND TREATS" jar, because there isn't always just cookies in there.  

This project kind of emerged at the same time as my etched and vinyled dry erase board.
I knew I wanted to vinyl or etch the cookie jar but then since I did both on  the dry erase board, I decided to do both on the treats jar too.  

I went to Target and picked up an XL clear glass jar for this.  
Then I first etched on the word SWEETS.  I drew a box around the word and then another box around that.  So that I could make a border around the entire sweets box.  Does that make sense?
I cut the design from stencil paper and attached it to the jar with transfer paper.
I used my SILHOUETTE ETCHING CREAM STARTER KIT  for this and my dry erase board. There is a ton of etching cream in that little bottle.  
Once you remove the transfer paper coat it with the etching cream.  Scrape off the extra and let it sit for about 60 seconds and then wash it off.  
Remove the stencil vinyl and there you have it.  
Next I sized my 'and treats' in my SILHOUETTE SOFTWARE and cut that from teal vinyl.  
I applied that with transfer paper as well.  

I then took it to the kitchen and filled it with all the cookies from our old cookie jar.  
The old cookie jar we had was the exact same jar just a smaller version.  I definitely did not need a cookie jar this big, but I just like that it also adds some visual interest in the kitchen and a pop of color with the vinyl and a little bigger size.  

I think I have a slight problem because I want to etch on everything glass in our house and add some vinyl too.  I just need to focus on my summer projects list and move on to the next project before I really do vinyl and etch it all.  :)  

On a side note : I think it is so fun to compare first day of school photos and last day of school photos.  So I thought I would share Jacob and Caleb's first and last day photos.  

On the left is them on the first day of school.  It was a new school to them at the time and they did not have their new uniforms yet so they had to wear white collared shirts.  The last day of school on the right was a free dress day.  These pictures totally crack me up because of Caleb's face in both of them.  He is always making the goofiest faces, but hey that is him and exactly how I want to remember him at this age.  I wouldn't change that for anything.  He is such a goofball.  :)  

They go back to school on July 10 and little Jacob will be in 4th grade and Caleb will be going into the 2nd grade.  I still don't even know how this is even possible, but it is in deed happening.  
For now we will just enjoy our summer and try to fit as many fun things in as possible and also enjoy some lazy days at home too.  

Happy Summer Break to you... go enjoy a cookie to celebrate. :)



  1. What fonts did you use for "SWEETS" and for "and treats"?

    1. Amy I will check on it for you, but at the moment my laptop is down so once it is back up and running Ill find out for you. I am pretty sure the treats is honey script though. :)

    2. Thank you! Got my etching kit yesterday and am excited to give it a try.