Thursday, May 15, 2014


I love when I can make a meal stretch to more than just one meal.
I got a few roasts the other day at the store and stuck them in the crock pot.  I put them in the crock pot the night before so they can really get tender and soak in all the juice for the entire day.  We had roast and potatoes that night for dinner.  
We put the leftovers up in the fridge to use another night as another meal in some way.  
I decided to make french dip sandwiches.
These are so easy to make. 
I took 4 packs of AU JU mix and mixed the water according to the directions.
I added that to my big pot.
I then added all of the left over shredded up roast to the au ju sauce.  
I let that simmer on super low for about an hour so it could soak up together.  

When it was almost time for the meat to be done I took my rolls and added some butter to them.  I placed them on a hot skillet and grilled the rolls.  
Once grilled I added a little mayo to them and added a heaping amount of the meat.  
Sometimes we will add some provolone cheese to them and let that melt over the meat too.
Add some of the au ju sauce from the pot into a small bowl and enjoy.
I personally don't like to dip my sandwich in the au ju but my husband eats it that way.
My personal preference is to add a pack of ARBY'S sauce to the sandwich and eat it that way.  :)
These are so good, the kids even love them.  

Who doesn't love when you can stretch a meal out into a few more meals.  We even have a bunch of meat left over from after making these so I might make some taquitos with the rest for another night.  



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