Random Ramblings: HELLO CARD

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today I am sharing some cards I made with you. I needed a few cards to send off with some pictures I had printed of the kids for family members.  So I went looking through my pinterest card board for some inspiration.  I found a card I really liked HERE and decided I would use that as my inspiration.  I found a leafy cut file in my silhouette library and modified it even more once it was cut.  I cut off the two top right leaves after it was cut becuase it ended up fitting on the card front better that way.  
 I went through my stash of paper looking for some silver glittery paper and didn't have a piece big enough to do all the hellos that I needed. Then I cam across this amazing silver almost mirror like paper I forgot I even owned. I have no idea when I got it or where even, there isn't even a name on the back or anything.  Darn.  I will have to keep my eye out for it because it is alot of fun and so shiny.  It is like putting a tiny die cut mirror on your card.  So fun!
The word hello that I cut from the silver shiny paper was a silhouette I had in my library.  

I needed 7 cards so I decided to make each of them in a different color, just for fun.  Then on each card the silver dots are all the same, and the silver twine, but I changed the color of the rhinestones to match the color of the cardstock I used on the leaf.  
I love vellum and I think that is what drew me to the original card so much was the vellum overlay on top of the leaves.
So I did the same and cut the exact same leaf in the exact same size as the cardstock one out in vellum.  
I glued down the colored cardstock so it was flat on the card.  I then only glued down the vellum right on the top stem part.
I used a little glossy accents to glue it down and then also to hold down the silver twine bow and silver dot on top of that.  
I randomly placed a few more silver dots and rhinestones so that it had uniform with all the cards, but still a little randomness of its own.  

I wrote little notes inside each card to the person I am maling them to and enclosed the printed pictures.  
Now I just need to get them to the post office this week.  :)



  1. your card set is wonderful - and the idea could be used with other die cuts as well - love it!!

    1. Thank you and yes it is easy to recreate using your own elements and supplies. :)

  2. wonderfull. what is the imagine die cut with leaves?

    1. What is the image itself or what is the material?

      The material is card stock and also vellum.
      The image is from the SILHOUETTE AMERICA DESIGN STORE, I can look it up when I get on my other laptop if you would like to know the design number. :)

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