Sunday, May 11, 2014


First I want to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there. I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing day.  
And a HAPPY HAPPY Mother's Day to my own mom, who I love so very much.  Thank you for all you have given me in this life mom, I couldn't imagine life without you.  

So back in January I shared a list of things I wanted to do around the house.  We have been working on several of those things.
One of the things I wanted to do was get a new comforter for our bedroom.  Originally I wanted one from fingerhut that I really liked, but I am so glad that I didn't get it back then because I ended up finding one I love SO much more.  One that just fits with our new turquoise kick we are on.
So when the BED BATH AND BEYOND catalog came I just briefly glanced through it.  The moment I saw the comforter I knew I had to have THIS for our bedroom.  I love the turquoise with the grey.  

It was so fun to put it on the bed when it arrived.
It just happened that the turquoise pillows on the couches in the living room were a perfect match.
I have plans to make or buy some Euro shams for the big square pillows in a grey color.

I have several plans for other projects in this room.  I plan to : 
  • paint the walls the same shade of grey that is in the comforter
  • paint the lamps silver
  • get new white lamp shades
  • paint the candle holders on the dresser silver
  • hang some framed photos on the walls, black frames
  • new curtains
  • XL canvas prints for each side wall of the bed
  • new turquoise candles around the room
  • silver frames on the dresser
  • paint the tall dresser black with silver knobs
  • add a turquoise blanket to the end of the bed
  • make a stool for the end of the bed
I have already started on a few of these things. I can't wait to have it all come together and share some of these projects with you.  


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