Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It all started with this little bottle of wine.  Isn't it the cutest little bottle ever?
Not long ago I was making my grandmas spaghetti sauce and it calls for some wine.  Since I am not a fan of white wine we saw this 4 pack of tiny bottles and I thought they would be perfect for exactly what I wanted.  After I used 2 of the bottles I just couldn't throw them out.
I just knew I could use them for something else, so I gave them a wash through the dishwasher and peeled off the sticker label.

It hit me then when I was in the kitchen one night making dinner and I was getting out the salt and pepper.
A few weeks ago I dropped my salt shaker and broke it.  Salt was everywhere! So since then I have just been using the salt I still had out of a baggy.
EXACTLY what I could make with those little bottles.
Salt and Pepper shakers.
I took off the lids and peeled away the little ring left under it.  

I took the yellow lids off and laid them with the open side down and gave them a quick spray of some silver spray paint.  
I then took the tiniest drill bit I could find in my husbands collection and drilled little holes in the tops of the lids.  Two holes in one for the salt and 4 holes in the one for the pepper. 
Then I used my SILHOUETTE CAMEO and drew a circle and added a letter S and a letter P.  I grouped them together so they were one image.  
I cut them out in red vinyl.  
I added them to the front of the bottles and filled them with salt and pepper.  

I absolutely LOVE how they came out and they are just a perfect addition to the kitchen.  Now my mom has requested 2 sets too.  



  1. Such a cute, creative idea. Pinning to a recycle board.

  2. Thank you. Im always holding on to jars and containers thinking I am sure I can find another use for this. :)