Random Ramblings: SENDING SUNSHINE : a card

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Quite some time ago I saw an awesome idea.  It was a basket full of yellow items and it was a gift for someone.  It was a sunshine basket.  I loved this idea.
Who wouldn't love to get a box full of goodies in the mail to brighten any day good or bad.
So I made a basket for a friend back then and she loved it.
So back in January I wanted to thank someone for a lot of hard work they did for our family and show her how much we appreciated her.
So I created this basket for her.
I have to say there is something so much fun about finding so many different yellow items to go in the basket. 
This basket has a lufa, peanut m&ms, yellow box of soap, a candle, koolaid, a yellow reusable cup, a silk flower, dish soap, a candybar, a crossword puzzle, a scarf.... so many other things I can't even remember.

So then after I made this basket I decided I wanted to gather some more goodies and send off 3 random boxes to a few people for a fun sunshiny surprise in the mail.
So I started collecting all things yellow.  
It really is fun to always be on a search for all things yellow no matter where you go.  

So after I collected enough yellow stuff to fit in the boxes I got, I wanted a card to go along with them.
So since I had 3 boxes, I wanted some similar cards so I came up with these.
They are all the same similar layout, just positioned a little differently. 

I cut the FUNKY SUN (Design ID #42906) in 2 different sizes.  One just a tiny bit smaller than the first one.  
I cut the CIRCLE BACKGROUND (Design ID #2805) and sized it to where I needed it to fit on my card.  
I also cut the HELLO SUNSHINE (Design ID #19098 ) in black and the same yellow as the suns.  I then layered the yellow over the black words, to create a shadow. 

I layered all the elements on the card placing the sun in different spots on each card.  

I wrote a short little note to each person inside the card and put it inside the box before I sealed it all up.  

I can't wait to get those boxes off in the mail. I am hoping to get them mailed off the first of next week.  
Have you ever sent someone a box of sunshine?  



  1. I sent a box of sunshine to my missionary who needed a little pick me up :)

  2. This is such a fun idea - sometimes I'm needing a fun gift and I love that this is unique, memorable and pretty simple, too. Love the card, too.

    1. Kim, isn't it so much fun. I love sending surprises through the mail. :)