Thursday, May 8, 2014


I was going to make today the last day I sent the kids teacher something because tomorrow morning they have a spring concert and it is not at their school.  So I was thinking it would be hard for the teachers to carry and keep track of something, but I have  a little tiny gift that they could easily just put in thier pockets or slip in their purse.
But for today I love how this one came out.  

We went to Home Depot last week to pick up some supplies for the front yard and I also grabbed these clay pots and the little bottoms trays that go under them. 
We also picked up 2 of these small little yellow flowers.  They were on sale for 2/$1.00 so that made them only .50 cents each.  
I brought them home and spray painted them with flat black spray paint. I was going for the chalkboard look and I thought the flat black gave it that exact look.  
I then painted the rim of the pot yellow. 
I took my medium thickness sharpie marker and just drew lines all around and numbered them to make it look like a ruler.
I was going to make some kind of sign for the pot, but when my friend had me print all those tags for her there was one that was perfect for this exact gift.
So I printed off a few for myself and glued them onto a skewer I had on hand in the kitchen and stuck it right in the plant.
I can't wait to pick up the boys from school to see how their teachers liked today's gift.
It has been exciting to see what the teachers had to say each day.
On Tuesday both the boys' teachers came up to me at pick up and said they loved the gifts.

Well I already have tomorrows gift all ready for them so now I need to start thinking about the end of the year gifts.  I am thinking of doing something with a play on the color orange and the saying "ORANGE YOU GLAD IT'S SUMMER BREAK" or something like that.
But I want to make the office staff all something too, and one other teacher that was my sons teacher for the first half of the school year.  So I am thinking for those I might make little paper boxes and filling them with
brownies.  Just throwing some ideas around in my head still. :)

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