Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today the kids are taking reusable cups that I decorated with of course VINYL.  
I started out with these clear reusable cups.  I got them at the Dollar Tree and they have a plastic ring that goes around where the frosted part was, but I removed that and tossed it.  I didn't need it for this project and didn't want to keep it around.  I luckily had 2 on hand so I didn't have to go on a hunt for these .  Because we all know when you are in search of something it always seems so much harder if not impossible to find right when you need it.  

I got some new rolls of Red and White SILHOUETTE VINYL in just in time to make these.
I cut out the apple in red, the stem in a scrap brown piece I had laying around and the leaf was also a small scrap piece of vinyl I had left over from previous projects.  

The saying is one in the SILHOUETTE SOFTWARE online store about teachers.  
It says 'I TOUCH THE FUTURE I TEACH'  .  I thought this was a super cute saying and knew it would go perfect on the cups.  

I just love the outlined letters of the word TEACH.
I have to say I love quotes and saying that have different fonts in them.  I like the look of the scripty letters with bold print.  Something about it just draws my eyes right to it.  

I knew I wanted to fill the cups but I wasn't exactly sure with what and nothing over the top, just something simple and fun.
So today when we made a quick run to the grocery store I picked up some boxes of Hawaiian punch mix that you just pour into your water bottle , a bag of plain m&ms and I had some mini bags of skittles laying around left over from Easter that I decided to also add to them.  
I had the crinkly paper (I love this for anytime I am giving a gift, it just adds that gift feel I guess lol) .  
I had just enough red left over for both cups. Then I just added the fun little things to the cups and put the lids on.  

I put the cups together while dinner was cooking and then decided to add one more little touch by adding a bow to the top of each one. I just tied it on the straw and cut the ends with a notch and done.  
By the time I was able to take this picture last night it was already dark, so the lighting isn't the best, but I wanted to be able to show the finished product.
I thought about adding a little tag, but ran out of time.  Oh well.  

Now today I need to finish up tomorrows gift.  A planted flower in a pot that I painted.  

What are your favorite teacher appreciation gifts to give?  


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