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Thursday, June 19, 2014


I thought it would be fun to show you how our garden is coming along.  Man those suckers are growing so fast.  It is so exciting to see everything just coming along so quickly and know we will be eating all the stuff from here sooner than we know it.  
Earlier this week Jacob went out there to water and found some stuff had been dug up and a few leaves chewed on, so we think it might be a squirrel, so we are keeping watch of that very closely.  It would be so frustrating for him to put in all the hard daily work he does on this garden and have some creature come eat it all.  No way!
I still don't know what I am most excited about, all of it I think.  
We did add a few things.  We added a planter of strawberries in the front yard.  Then we added a grape vine, and plan to add 2 more of those and also we now have 2 peach trees.  Jacob got them both for Father's Day.  I know we won't get any fruit from those this year, but it is still exciting to just know we have them  
So now I will show you some pictures of how the garden is coming along.  

This is the corn on the cob.  I have to tell you these pictures I took last week and they are even bigger this week by alot.  

Look at all the hair from these carrots.  So cute!

Radishes that are going to take over here pretty soon I swear lol.  

I only use radishes in my salsa so I hope the peppers catch up to these suckers soon lol. 

Watermellon.  I can taste it already.  

Here is the one grape vine so far, and we plan to add 2 more in this spot right when you walk in through the gate into the garden.  

Here is the strawberry planter.  This is funny how this came to be the strawberry planter actually.  We were driving somewhere one day and I saw this box outside of thrift store and Jacob stopped to look at it on our way back home.  They only took cash and I didn't have the $10.00 on me.  So I was going to go back later.  I did, and it was gone.  Well Jacob had stopped and bought it for me on his way to work that afternoon.  
Well he gave it to me and I wanted it to store vinyl rolls in, in the office.
Well they didn't fit like I had hoped because they were too long and would just fall out.  
So then we thought we were going to make it into an herb garden box.  Well we didn't have many herbs to plant so we just planted those in the garden.  Then Jacob decided to plant all the strawberries in it.  PERFECT! 
So that is how this little box became the new strawberry home.  I know we won't get strawberries this year ( at least that is what I have read online), but still knowing they are in there growing is exciting.  

So here is a little peek into our garden.  I'll share again soon so you can see how it is coming along.  


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