Monday, June 16, 2014


Today I am over on the SILHOUETTE AMERICA blog sharing this fun summer fun display frame.  
I also talk about making your own print and cuts.
I thought I would go ahead and share the details on making your own print and cuts right here on my blog as well.
You can go HERE to find my entire post over on the SILHOUETTE blog.  

Now let me give you a quick step by step on how to turn a cut file into a print and cut.
( I used a general file to just cut it really big to show you how to do it )
  • Start by making sure you turn on the registration marks on your page so you know where to place your images.
  • Size your image or images to fit inside the red square and not to go into the grey area.

  • Release compound path and ungroup the images.
  • Now fill each separate section with the color you desire.
  • To find the fill option, to go the top bar and the little bucket on the right side is where you choose the colors.
  • CHANGE the LINE color to no line.  This will insure that not every individual piece will cut out.
  • LEAVE the outermost line color to red.  Or whatever is to be cut out around the design will ONLY stay as a red line.  This is the only line that will cut.
  • Put the images back together how you want them.  Notice only the line around the outermost teal image is red.
  • Group your images back together in case you need to move it around.
  • Under the FILE tab on the top left PRINT your image on your printer.
  • Place paper right onto your SILHOUETTE CUTTING MAT and load it into your SILHOUETTE CAMEO

  • Make sure your cut settings are set to cardstock and not the material you used with your previous project.
  • This red line shows the only place that your image will actually cut.
  • Send to SILHOUETTE
  • It will read the registration marks before it starts cutting.

  • There you have your own print and cut from a cut file.
  • This made cutting out all the squares for my Summer fun CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR so quick and easy.

I can only imagine the amount of things I can now make with my own print and cuts.  Super easy and I can't wait to make more.  I think I am going to definately put this to good use for some birthday party decor soon.  :)


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