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Thursday, June 5, 2014


It has been a year that we have been in this house now.
One thing we left behind at the old house that we couldn't bring with us was the garden we had started the year before that.  We started it again last year, but then we moved.
Don't get me wrong I love this house so much more than our old house, but it was sad to leave the garden.  Jacob had worked so hard on the garden and we had some great fruits and vegetables from it.  I think there is just something about growing your own that makes things taste that much better.  
So since we had just moved in last year we didn't get a chance to start a new garden.  
But we have been talking about it for several months now and Jacob was able to get out there this past weekend and get it going for us.
He busted his butt and built a fence and I always appreciate his hard work.  We both even have quite the sunburn to prove we were out there for 3 days straight.  (on a side note- he will burn and then be dark tan all summer, I burn and then peel and go back to pasty white again.  I had forgotten sunblock the first day so I did the rest of the time we were out there)
So this is all before what the space looked like.  
He built the garden in a spot where we can access it through a gate from the front yard, or a gate in the backyard.  So if I don't feel like dealing with the pain in the butt dogs, I can just go in through the front yard gate and don't have to deal with them.  
This garden is at least double the size of our old garden.  
He worked on the fence- digging the holes in the cement rock hard dirt in our backyard.  He wet it but it still is like rock out there.  
So he dug up 6 holes and put in 6 poles for the fencing.  He attatched the fencing to the poles with wire and dug a trench for the fencing to lay in.  
What is hard to see also in these pictures is that our back yard is filled with so many rocks.  Big , medium and small.  So those then all had to be raked away in the garden area.  

***Oh and all of these photos were taken from my cell phone that day- we were so busy out there I was snapping pictures as we went along so I just had my phone on hand and didn't want to stop just to go inside to get my camera and then take it back inside***

 As you can also see the dogs have dug a few holes that he needed to fill in too.  

This is the side of the house from where you can access the garden from the front yard.  We want to line this small chain link fence with grape vines.  

Here is once he had the fence all up and all the drenches dug for the lines to be planted in.  

See the gate over there on the left if you want to go into the garden from the backyard as well.  

We got everything planted the next day and then today I planted 3 more things.  We had planned to plant a separate herb garden but decided the box we are going to plant strawberries in instead of herbs.  

In case you are wondering what we planted here is a list.

4 rows corn (2 rows under each window) 

2 rows of watermelon ( the rows closest to the wood fence in the picture right above this)
2 rows of cantaloupe (the rows right after the watermelon)

1 long row of green beans (right against the fence on the office window side)

1 row of jack o lanterns (right against the fence on the master bedroom side - the right side closest to the front yard gate side)

1 row of pumpkins (right in front of the jack o lanterns)

then starting from the gap after the cantaloupe we have...

2 rows of zucchini 
1 1/2 rows of goldtender summer squash
1 1/2 rows of spaghetti squash
2 rows of cucumbers
2 rows of sugar snap peas
1 row of radish
1 row of carrots

then there is a little path with nothing planted there yet

2 rows of beefsteak tomatoes
2 rows of heirloom tomatoes

then another larger path way that will stay as a walkway through the garden

1 row of tiny bite sized tomatoes 
1 row of banana yellow peppers
1 row of jalapenos
1 row of blaze of glory pepper mix
2 rows of red onion
1 row of green onion 1 row of spinach
1 row of parsley

a small path 

1 row of mixture of bell pepper
1 row of green bell pepper 
1 row of colored bell pepper 

 Jacob did a great job on the garden I can't wait to share the progress of our garden and start eating all the yummy goodness from it. 

I will definately be sharing the progress of how the garden is growing. 
 I think I am most excited about... the corn maybe.  Well I don't know because so much of it I use for homemade salsa too.  Oh gosh I just can't wait for all of it.  


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