Random Ramblings: WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE????

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I can't believe I have been missing for so long....  Where has the time gone?  
This summer has been a whirl wind of things and it literally just FLEW by.  
I am working on some posts to share some things we did but for now Ill just tell you what we have been up to.

* My laptop had to go to the laptop hospital for some repairs, so in the meantime Jacob let me use his, but it was still not the same as uising my own.  The part inside the actual laptop that holds the charger stopped working so it was down for a good month before it made it to the repair shop, and then they had it for about 2 weeks.  It was so exciting to get it back.  All my photos were on it too, because I have been so bad about transferring  them to my external hard drive.  But I have since moved all my photos over since I got it back.

* We went to a few movies. Our local movie theater had dollar movies, so we could go to the movies for $5.00.  What else can you do for that price?  Almost nothing lol.  We would stop by Target before the movies, to grab some snacks and then head to the movies.  
We saw Smurfs 2 and Ice Age.
* We went fishing a few times.  Both locally and up in Big Bear.
Jacob caught a few fish and it is always so fun and relaxing to go fish.  The kids always have a great time.  

* We went out for ice cream a few times.  Always a fun treat.

*  We did a lot of swimming in our new above ground pool.  

* Our cat had 5 kittens in May.

* Our dog had 7 puppies just this past week.  

* We got a bunny. 

* We tried a new restaurant. 

* Jacob took me on a surprise trip for my birthday, and brought me home to a surprise party.  

* Added some new flowers to the front yard. 

* The garden has been growing like crazy and we have been keeping up with that, and picking several things.  I made tons of zucchini breads and giving them away just to use them up. 

* Surprised a friend for her birthday and we drove an hour and a half to her house the day after.  We took all the stuff to make homemade pizzas for lunch and the kids each made their own mini pizzas and us adults made big pizzas.  We enjoyed pizzas, hot wings and garlic bread sticks.  Then we took all the kids to the park and played some softball.  It was alot of fun.

* The kids slept in the tent that Jacob set up in the living room for several nights.  They had a blast.

* The kids slept every night in the living room their entire summer break.

* Chloe had her dance recital.

* Painted our master bedroom and bathroom grey.  Love how our room has come together.  I have also added new rugs and curtains.

This summer has been full of adventures and seems like it was non stop.  There was some home down time too, but I loved all our family adventures big and small.
The kids have been back in school since July 10th, which was a few weeks sooner than many of the schools around here, but they have a different schedule than all the other schools.  From the start of school until Christmas break they don't have school on Fridays.

I have some plans to blog about a few of the things we did this summer, especially my amazing birthday trip and surprise party.

I have missed it here, and hope to get back to a regular blog routine.


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